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A Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller 3 hrs 2 mins Sep 7, 2018
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Manu Story

Director: Phanindra Narsetty

Cast: Gowtham as Manu and Chandini Chowdhary as Neela

Manu tells the story or rather he himself tells his story in the film - of an artist who is a loner. he's a great thinker and can create a sort of abstract art of the highest quality. he's currently on a fictitious island (Sia?) and is catching rats. All this for a purpose. He has a dark past - his mother left with another man and his father left the world. 

Manu has a secret admirer and her name is Neela. She plays hide and seek with him. She sends him gifts and she likes poetry. She has a creative bent of mind and is has aesthetic tastes. On the other hand, there is a man drinking whom we observe in one of the scenes and he has a diamond. He is pursued by three men who have an eye on the diamond. They are Amar Akbar Anthony. 

The man with the diamond is Neela's father and he tells her about it. Later, Manu goes to Neela's home seeking a roof on his head for rent as there was a word for letting the house. But by the time he reaches there, something unexpected happens and Manu has to resort to drastic measures. Why in the first place Manu is n that island catching rats? What happened to Neela's father? And how all this ends up? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story. 

Manu received a mixed critical reaction and failed at the box office. But the film garnered a small cult following and is widely admired by a small section of World Cinema lovers. The movie was also listed among the 11 underrated gems of Indian Cinema in 2018 by Pycker. 

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