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Manmadhudu 2 Review

U/A Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 35 mins Aug 9, 2019





Manmadhudu 2 Review & Rating

Manmadhudu 2 Review: Lack Of Depth Makes It A One Time Watch (Only)

The premise

Manmadhudu is a defining film not just in Nagarjuna career but also in the genre of romantic comedy. None of the star heroes matched the charm of Nag in that romance film let alone beat it. Of course, romances and romantic comedies are too rare among big heroes in Telugu. The compass always tilts towards action than romance when it comes to genre. And among the numerous romantic comedies with younger and upcoming heroes, of course, we know the result. 

When Nagarjuna announced the sequel, albeit a spiritual or just forms-sake, for that film, the expectations came out in a variety of ways. But with the addition of Rahul Ravindran as the director, who made a sensible romantic comedy drama like Chi La Sow, fans are assured of something special. Once it is made clear that Manmadhudu 2 is the remake of a French romantic comedy, comparisons are bound to happen and let’s see how it all turned out with Manmadhudu 2 review. 

Sam and Avantika

Sambasiva Rao aka Sam (because fashionable) is a perfume businessman in Portugal and like in any Telugu film which is set in foreign countries, is surrounded by all Indians. He has a secretary played by Vennela Kishore who always accompany him. Like a self-respecting secretary/sidekick for a hero in a Telugu movie, he shoulders the burden of most of the comedy in the film (he did well as usual).

Sam has a love failure and this turns him into a playboy who loves to make love than love anyone. But his family is in the dark of his behaviour. He’s now off the proper age for marriage and his gang of sisters and mother pester him to get married. He resists as much as possible but after some time, to advance the plot of the film, he relents. But he has a plan. He hires a young woman named Avantika, a waitress, to act as his girlfriend. 

Avantika strikes a good impression with Sam’s family and Sam’s actual plan to avoid marriage altogether backfires. But this leads to his mother getting hospitalised (sentiment). What was his plan in the first place? Why it backfires and how and if he avoid getting into a marital commitment as his family wanted form the rest of the story. 


Nagarjuna is a charmer is an old statement. He still looks good even at 60 is a new point. He worked out very well to look the part and kudos for the efforts. If only he looked a bit deep into his characterisation, Manmadhudu > Manmadudu would have become a reality. His trademark comedy worked well and the scenes with Rao Ramesh and Brahmanandam gives high hopes but flatter to deceive. Both the experiences actors are under-utilised. 

Nag’s chemistry with every one of his girlfriends is great. Rakul Preet Singh who reinvented herself with De De Pyaar De is terrific. She’s obviously the biggest highlight of the film and also received a couple of disgusting scenes. Not because the scenes are really disgusting but because how they are executed. Performance-wise too she’s a much-improved version compared to her previous Telugu film. 

Samantha and Keerthi Suresh sparkle in a couple of scenes (cameos). Nothing much to write about them. But they form part of the interesting trivia of this film. Senior actress Lakshmi is great as the mother of Nagarjuna (a reunion of Ninne Pelladutha mom-son). She’s good in the role as is. But the writing failed her. Senior anchor-actress Jhansi is good in her role. She received an awkward scene which will be talked about in the time to come (good and bad ways for obvious reasons). 

Writing and direction

It was Rahul Ravindran who gave hopes for the fans of the original. If he chose so, he would have treated the film which will appeal to a wider section of the audience (read: family audience) but he came up with other ideas. Too many beeps are enough to give hints about what the words they are. The narration is good is not enough when you’re using an iconic title like Manmadhudu. 

Only that Telugu film has a vibe which is liked by family audience alongside the youth with this title. Other films that have Manmadha or something in their titles dealt with the subjects in a more adult-catering manner. There is a liberal usage of double entendres and certain scenes, though essential for this film, could easily have been avoided with a bit of creativity. The direction is okayish. 

The crew

The music of the film already struck a chord and is neat when it comes to songs. The background score is good. The cinematography is good. It visuals are vibrant and colourful but have an aura of a more adult skewing nature to the film than a youthful or family vibe. Editing is pretty average. The narrative incoherence is the result of it. The production design and values are top notch as expected from an Annapurna production. 


Don’t, for god's sake, think about the original while watching it. If you have no expectations, you may like this film to an extent and if you’re a diehard of the original, better be warned. As a romantic comedy, the film is okayish. But a bit deep-dwelling into the spirit of the original would have make this another classic. A chance missed.


  • The title
  • Nag and Rakul Preet chemistry


  • Lazy writing
  • Not-for-family-audience like Manmadhudu

Pycker Rating: 2.25 out of 5

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Manmadhudu 2 Preview

What is Manmadhudu 2 About?

Manmadhudu remains a characteristic film in the career of Nagarjuna. Known for his charming looks and mesmerising persona, the tag Manmadhudu stuck with him quite deservedly and the film remains a benchmark for romantic comedies in Telugu. What's more, the entire film was weaved around the personality of Nagarjuna. 

After a long gap of 17 years, Nagarjuna returns back as Manmadhudu again in the spiritual sequel to the film Manmadhudu 2. Expectedly, this film is also spun around the charming personality of Nagarjuna. This film has him in the role of a bachelor who is a charmer but doesn't want to commit with anyone. Buy his family wants him to get married before it was too late for him. 

Just like the original, Annapurna Studios bankroll this romantic entertainer which is directed by Rahul Ravindran. With the basic plot borrowed from the French film I Do (an official remake), the movie has all the ingredients that are expected from. Nagarjuna movie. 

Manmadhudu 2 Promises

Pure romantic entertainer

Romantic entertainers always work when they are handled well and don't go overboard. With a star like Nagarjuna and his super handsome looks, Manmadhudu 2 has a story to match. Our protagonist searches for a temporary girlfriend so that he could stop the nagging of his family. 

His arrangement is that the girl has to leave him before the wedding so that it creates sympathy for his choice to stay single. Things don't go according to plans and his family fall in love with her and he needs to convict another plan. All this makes for a fun watch and only thing that is needed from the makers is smart execution. 

Nagarjuna plays the Cupid again 

The evergreen Nagarjuna is back to his signature character with Manmadhudu 2. He's all romantic, energetic , and of course, fun to watch. With a role that plays to his strengths, Nagarjuna is determined to make it count this time after back to back failures. He is at his charming best once again and the promos and trailers promise to explore the mischievous angle in him too. 

Rakul Preet

Whatever the talk is going on for and against the portrayal of Avantika role in the movie, Rakul Preet Singh who found her acting mojo in De De Pyaar De is set to rock once again. She also needs a solid hit in Telugu after several of her recent films failing to set the box office on fire. She received a meaty role and most of the plot revolves around her character. It is a plot forwarding role and is a good opportunity for her. And then there is the mandatory glamorous angle too. 

Rahul Ravindran and his team

Rahul Ravindran proved himself to be a sensible filmmaker with his debut flick Chi La Sow. He is adept at bringing romantic moments alive in an impactful manner and has deservedly received the chance to direct Nagarjuna in Manmadhudu sequel, no less. Chaitan Bharadwaj composed the musical score and the cinematography by M. Sukumar is vibrant in what little we have seen in the promos. 

Keep watching for Manmadhudu 2 review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back! 

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