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Crime, Thriller 2 hrs 23 mins Nov 12, 2004
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Manmadhan Story

Director(s): Silambarasan, AJ Murugan

Cast: Simbu as Madhan Kumar and Madhan Raja, Jyothika as Mythili, Sindhu Tholani as Vyshnavi, Gaoundamani as Puncture Pandian, Santhanam as Bobby. 

Madhan and Mythili are college friends and share a good relationship. Madhan who is seen in good nature and character has also another side which is of grey shade. Madhan under the pseudonym Manmadhan kidnaps morally incorrect girls and kills them. He kills the girls and burn them to ashes and keep stores in bottles bearing their names. Mythili one evening finds him going with a girl and the very next day she is shocked to know the news that the same girl is missing. She informs this to ACP Deva who is in charge of the girls missing case. They arrive at college and arrest Madhan. The Police learn that the bodies are burnt and kept in drainage.

Deva starts interrogation and Madhan states that the crimes are done by his younger brother Madhan Raj under the name Manmadhan. It is revealed that Madhan Kumar and Madhan Raj were brought up by their Uncle Pandian in a village. Madhan Raj fell in love with a college girl named Vaishnavi. Madhan finds that she was having another affair with Seenu who is her classmate. Madhan witness her illicit act and killed both Vaishnavi and Seenu. Madhan Raj then went to Chennai and explained everything to his brother Madhan Kumar and that's how he started finding girls who take advantage and cheat poor guys in the name of love.

Hearing this the Police starts investigating on Madhan Raj and they get enough pieces of evidence of his existence and what Madhan Kumar has said. Pandian comes in the help of Madhan Kumar and takes him out on Jail. Mythili apologises to Madhan and leaves. The takes back to another flashback revealing that Madhan Raj is now more and the Manmadhan is none other than Madhan Kumar.

The movie bagged a great response from the youth and it was a super hit at the Box Office. 

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