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Malli Raava Review

U Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 8 mins Dec 8, 2017





Malli Raava Review & Rating


Malli Raava starring Sumanth and Aakanksha Singh in the lead roles is carrying a positive buzz, thanks to the impressive trailer and music. The film has hit the screens today, let's see whether Sumanth can score a big hit this time or not. The story begins with a wedding being called off by Anjali (Aakanksha Singh) who was supposed to marry her love interest Karthik (Sumanth). The story now shifts to their childhood where they like each other but separated for some reason. The movie then moves to their adulthood where they both meet again and fall in love with each other. What happens next must be watched on the big screen.

Rating 2.5 from  telugu360

All in all, ‘ Malli Raava ‘ is a failed attempt which showcases the story of two teenagers who ge...

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Coming to performances, Sumanth is at his natural best in the film and does complete justice to his role. Karthik is one of the well-written roles he ever played and he gets ample space for performance. He does a fantastic job in emotional scenes and brings in his experience in to play to take the emotional quotient in the film to next level. Aakanksha Singh is perfect as Anjali who is a confused soul but good at heart. Right from expressions to body language she owned the role of Anjali and delivers a commendable performance. The rest of the cast is new but they did justice to their roles.

Rating 3.25 from  traileradda

It’s been quite a long time since we’ve come across such feel-good love stories, Malli Raava is o...

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Music is the soul of this film and Shravan does a mind-blowing job with his songs and background score. The title track especially has been composed very well and it will surely leave an impact on the audience. Cinematography by Sathish Mutyala is good and the film looks rich, thanks to the superb production values of Swadharm Entertainment banner. Debutant director Gowtham Tinnanuri does a superb job in writing a simple and realistic and succeeds in presenting it perfectly on the screen. He extracts superb performances from the lead cast and etches a feel-good love story with nice songs and comedy.

Rating 3 from  pressks

Overall Malli Raava is an adolescent love story. Sumanth & Akakansha Singh performance is the...

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Verdict: Watchable feel-good love story from Sumanth.

Malli Raava Critic Reviews

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  • Venkat

    10 Dec 17 @ 8:13 PM

    ▌Puttadam - peragadam, chadhuvu - vudhyogam, pelli - pillalu ivanni andhari lives lo atu itu ga oke process lo vellipothai. Kaani PREMA, Prema okate okkokariki Jeevitham lo okkola untundhi, unique ga untundhi..▐                                                        Malli Raava - ❤️❤️❤️❤️½                                 ▲ Mana life lo, once upon a time lo, manaki baaga ishtamaina oka moment (or) oka Manishi anukokunda chaala kaalam tharwatha malli epudaina gurthochinappudu (or) kalisinappudu; Ye feeling (or) emotion lekunda mind & manasu kontha sepu blank aipothundhi..                                                         ▼ Alanti moments enno ee Cinema lo scenes ga kanipisthai; Samudhram dhaggaraki vellinappudu alalu ala ala vachi mana legs ni touch chesi, venakki vellipoyinattu.. Aa memories anni kodhi sepu malli manasu ni hathukuni vellipothai!!                               ● Enno samvathsaraala tharwatha preminchina Ammayini malli choosinappudu: "Thanu Nannu gurthupattaledha?, gurthu kooda lena??" ani Hero, thanalo thane anukunappuddu..                               ● Adolescent age lo love ante, aa age lo manam vunappudu emo kaani ippudu aithe vinadaniki chaala odd chaala ga edho la untadhi, alantidhi oka point lo ee cinema lo Hero character: "14 years ke naku Amma ante ishtam, cricket ante ishtam, best fren ante ishtam, alane Anjali ante kooda ishtam; avevi thappu kaanappudu idhi mathram thappela aindhi?" ani adiginappudu, akkada aa scene lo aa situation lo Nenu almost convince aipoyinappudu...                   ● Conflict point dhaggaraki vachinappudu: “Pelli cheskovalsindhi e roju varuku ela unnam ane answer tho kaadhu ika mundhu ela untam ane question tho" ani Heroine tho, Mother character cheppinchinappudu, idhi kooda point ye kadha anipinchinappudu...                                                ● "Chinnapati nundi Nuvvante Naaku nachedhi kaadhu ra, kaani aa ammayi vachi pelli cheskonu anappudu ENDHUKU ani okka maata kooda adagaledhu choodu motta modhati saari appudu nachav ra. Oka Aada Pillani intha kante evaru ardham cheskuntaru ra!" ani oka Baamma character, Hero tho cheppinappudu..                                                    ● Pre-climax lo: "Maree intha selfish dhaniva Anjali? Nuvvu pakkana unappudu vaadu ela vuntado neeku thelusu, kaani nuvvu vellipoyaka vaadu ela untado naaku mathrame thelusu" ani hero best friend vachi heroine ki anappudu..                                           ☝ Ee paina cheppina scenes anittlo oka prekshakudu ga Naaku kaligina anuboothi gurinchi explain cheyyadaniki maatalu saripovu.                   🎞 Ilanti enno scenes & dialogues raasukuni, avi choosthunantha sepu edho cinema choosthunattu kakunda manaki baaga thelisina kontha mandhi Manushulni - oka Katha ni malli oka sari palakarinchi, kalisi, pakkana nilabadi choosinattu anipinchela unna intha SENSIBLE CINEMA ki..                                 🎬 "Story-Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction" Gowtam Tinnanuri ane oka DEBUT DIRECTOR ani thelisinappudu, Tollywood's future is in safe hands ani anipinchindhi :)                                                       ♫ Pothe cinema ki script SOUL aithe, praana prathishta poortavvadaniki behind the screen inko main contributor "Music Director" Shravan Bharadwaj. THE BEST ALBUM in recent times.                        👉 Katha lo Actors, kakunda Characters ye kanipisthunappudu, veelu baaga chesaru vaalu baaga cheyyaledhu ane question ye arise kaadhi. Manam characters tho entha connect avthaam ante cinema lo Karthik role lo Sumanth kanipisthunna, (or) thana chinnappati role vesina Satwik kanipisthunna manam aithe pedha theda kanipettalenantha. ♛ Heroine Character lo Aakanksha singh & Preeti Asrani idharu chaala baga chesaru as well as bagunnaru. (Chinnappati role chesina Preeti Asrani aithe Rakul Preet chinnappudu ilane vundedhemo anattu ga vundhi.) ♚ Inni cheppi enno years ga Hit leka try chesthunna Prema Katha fame Sumanth gurinchi cheppakunda ela? ✍ Climax lo oka scene lo, "Nuvvante Naaku Preme kaadhu, Pichi" ani Heroine tho cheppe scene lo Thana kallallo honesyty ni emote chesthadu; aa okka scene lo kachitham ga chepthunna Audience lo prathee Abbayi ki "Manaki antuu oka Prema Katha unte matuku aa maata manadhe" anattu anipisthundhi. ✔ Antha baaga chesadu, anavasaram ga thanaki suit kaani mass roles vesukuni time waste chesadu kaani, malli oka sari koorchuni varasaga Prema Katha, Satyam, Godavari, Madhu masam & malli Malli Raava cinemalu choosthe thanu ilanti subtle roles ki entha perfect choice o ardham avthadhi. 〈« Single line lo cheppeyali ante, “Its a one line story” ani aina cheppochu (or) “It's an emotional roller-coaster ride” ani aina cheppochu. Choose 'Manishi' ni batti, ardham cheskune 'Manasu' ni batti ee cinema ardham avthundhi ❤️🙂 »〉

  • M

    8 Dec 17 @ 12:36 PM

    Excellent direction , watched this movie in Dallas (usa)

    , very refreshing movie after my work hours... kids did very well ... after Godavari sumanth made his mark with this movie..must watch movie in recent days

  • Lokesh

    14 Dec 17 @ 6:46 PM

    It Is the best movie 

    All of us must see

Malli Raava Live Updates & Public Talk

Malli Raava is like a comeback film of Sumanth as he took a brief gap of more than one year and is coming up with a feel-good love story. The songs became a huge hit and increased the expectations on the film. The team arranged a special private screening to which few critics and celebs attended. They are expressing their opinions on Twitter and other social media platforms, Take a look.

As the mornings shows come to an end, Malli Raava is getting positive response from the audience. The lead pair's chemistry and the narration of the movie are said to be the major highlights of the movie. Check out the latest Tweets.

Stay tuned for more Public Talk, Live Updates of Malli Raava.

Malli Raava Preview

What is it about?

‘Malli Raava’ is a film written and directed by Gowtam Tinnanuri and stars Sumanth and Aakanksha Singh in the lead roles. The film tells the story of Karthik (Sumanth) and Anjali (Aakanksha) who meet at three different points in their lives and fall in love, but separate each time. The story ‘Malli Raava’ spans over two decades.

What to expect?

  • Great Performances

The film stars Sumanth, who has worked in films like ‘Godavari’, ‘Golconda High School’, and ‘Sathyam’ and Aakanksha Singh who has worked in Hindi Tv shows and the Bollywood film ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ and both the actors are expected to perform well in this film.

  • Interesting Love story

‘Malli Raava’ is a non-linear love story which takes place in three different timelines and spans over twenty years. The love story and music is set to be a treat for fans of romantic cinema.

  • Good Music

The music of the film has been composed by Sravan Bharadwaj and it captures the romantic and dramatic themes of the film completely.