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Biopics Jun 21, 2019





Mallesham Review & Rating


Mallesham Review: One More Gem In The New Wave Of Telugu Cinema

The premise

Mallesham is one of the recent films which has gained a lot of positive buzz before the release. And to think it is a small film made on a limited budget clearly shows that Tollywood is slowly but surely changing its ways. And even bigger production houses like Suresh Productions have been leading from the front in this regard by backing such independent films which bode well for Telugu Cinema. 

With Priyadarshi Pulikonda in front of the camera and Raj R behind it, Mallesham is an ode to the unsung heroes like Chinthakindi Mallesham and others who worked silently and facing several odds in order to make the lives of others better. Mallesham is in no way lesser than a Steve Wozniak or Thomas Edison. The body of work may not be that higher in the perception of people in general. But his is an essential story to be known by everyone. 

By now, those who have been following the promotional work of the film might well have known the story of Mallesham. Adding a little bit of fiction and changing the timelines to up the dramatic tension, Raj R narrated the life and work of Mallesham the man from Aleru and belongs to a family of weavers of Pochampally style of... 

Mallesham and his dream

Mallesham was in class 6 when he was initiated into the family work of weaving by his father to gain another hand so that the family income may increase a bit. But Mallesham understands the pain in the process of hand weaving. He sees his mother and how she is experiencing the pain in her left hand. She couldn't even move it properly. And there are several others who are in the same vocation. A bug starts to affect him. And he wants to find a way to lessen the burden his mother is going through to make a saree. 

But he knows nothing about it. He's curious. And has the strong desire to make things happen. And he has the tenacity to work despite facing insurmountable odds. He gathers required books and tries to understand about motors. When he couldn't get what he wanted because of the language barrier, he uses a dictionary. He does anything to learn when he needed to to help his mother in her work. Not by lending her a hand. But by sustainably increasing her productivity. 

As we all know, Cheneta families or families of handloom works face several real-world issues like monetary problems. There are debts to be cleared. They have to send their four fingers into their mouths in order to survive. And the pressure coming from the insults the growing Mallesham faces. People never understand a miracle when it is happening. And there is no need (or rather use) to recognize the miracle once it happens. But we can study miracles in order to take inspiration. And in order to decode its anatomy so that we could unleash it in our own lives. 

The cast

Priyadarshi Pulikonda is a man possessed by the desire to unveil the life of Chinthakindi Mallesham on the screen. He is a terrific actor. No doubts about it. And now he is in the process of becoming a legend. He needs to be extra careful in choosing his roles from now on. A true gem of Telugu Cinema. 

Ananya who played Mallesham's wife is earthy and did a brilliant job. She is expressive and is an asset to the film. Jhansi who played the most pivotal role of Mallesham's mother for whom he had spent the best part of his youth and created Laxmi Asu Yantram has shown why she is such a fine actor who is underutilized in Telugu Cinema. Rest of the actors did justice to the roles they are given. 

Writing and direction

Raj R must be commended for selecting such a subject and presenting it as is sincerely without adultering it. He has taken enough care in representing the time period. As for the narration, he followed the realistic approach. All the fictitious additions only enhanced the tale and took it to the next level. The screenplay is done well with proper ebbs and tides. Only the length could have been trimmed a bit. 

The crew

The music by Mark K. Robin complemented the narration. The songs are beautiful to listen and to croon. The lyrics are terrific. The background score is pleasant. The cinematography carried the atmosphere very well. The visuals are earthy and rich in feel. We can feel the love for the subject in each and every frame. The editing is decent. The production design and production values are good within the limitations. All in all, Mallesham is not just a well-narrated story but also a well-made film. 


A tale of inspiration or the extraordinary story of an ordinary man (this is completely wrong and a deception. Mallesham may not be recognized very well but he is no ordinary human being. He deserves better), Mallesham is a brilliant film that belongs to the new wave of films that are coming out for the last 3-4 years. Tollywood is changing. And Mallesham is a tribute to the change in Telugu Cinema's direction too. Watch it. 


  • The story of Chinthakindi Mallesham
  • Priyadarshi
  • Ananya Nagalla and Jhansi
  • Raj R vision


  • None we should really think about

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Mallesham Live Updates & Public Talk

Mallesham which tells the story of Chinthakindi Mallesham who had invented the Asu Machine to help ease the work of his mother who is a weaver has been the talk of the town for the past few days. The Priyadarshi Pulikonda starrer directed by Raj R had its premiere shows over the last few days and the general response is overwhelmingly positive. Priyadarshi's work in the eponymous role and Raj's direction are specifically singled out for praise. Also, senior actress Jhansi's performance is said to be very crucial for the movie. 

Mallesham's inventing of the Asu Yantram (machine) to ease the process of weaving had fetched him national recognition and the government of India honored him with Padma Shri Award in 2017. It is his journey from a young boy who discontinued his studies after class 6 to lend a helping hand to the family's traditional vocation made into the film. Apart from the actors and the director, the makers and those who involved in bringing the film to theatres also received appreciation.

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Mallesham Preview

What is Mallesham About?

Nobody who knows Mallesham was surprised when the man from Aleru village in the current Yadadri district in Telangana was honored with Padma Shri Award by the Government of India. But people were first surprised by the success he achieved with his vision to find a solution for the plight his mother was going through in weaving. He was made fun of. And his efforts were derided. Before he finally made the Asu Machine. 

Priyadarshi Pulikonda plays the eponymous role of the acclaimed innovator of Asu Yantram as it's called. The movie is made as a period film covering the time period between the late 80s and early 90s. Raj R who makes his directorial debut with this film is coming up with the task of taking the story of not just Mallesham but also the problems faced by Pochampally weavers on a day to day basis in their work. 

Mallesham Promises

The story of the man who invented the Asu Machine

Mallesham is about the man who invented or created to be precise the Asu machine which processes yarn for sarees Pochampally Ikat sarees mechanically. Apart from that it also obviously shows the situations that led to Mallesham's decision to invent the machine and the troubles he had gone through to make it possible. Advertised as the Extraordinary Story of an Ordinary Man, Mallesham shows how one man's mission to help his mother in her daily work and how it changed the lives of other weavers. 

Priyadarshi as Mallesham and Jhansi as his mother

Priyadarshi Pulkonda is recognized not just as a comedy actor but as one of the brightest acting talents in Tollywood right now. He has a diverse filmography and not for nothing the makers selected him for the role of Mallesham. And from what little we have seen in the promos, he is up to the challenge. The way he appears curious about things, his desire to help his mother, and the pain he undergoes, all expressed by the man who owned the role. 

Mallesham's struggle will certainly be brought to life on the big screen by Priyadarshi. The inspiration behind Mallesham's creation is his mother Laxmi. In fact, he named the Asu Machine as Laxmi Asu Machine honoring his mother. Senior anchor and actress Jhansi is portraying such a crucial role in Mallesham. Going by her experience and through the trailers and other promo materials, she did an excellent job. 

Raj R and his team

The movie is jointly produced by Madhura Sridhar Reddy, Raj R, and Sri Adhikari in collaboration with Suresh productions who have been promoting smaller films with substance. The director worked with Peddinti Ashok Kumar for the story. Mark K. Robin composes the musical score. Balu Sandilyasa handles the cinematography of this film with a period setting. With such illustrious backing, the director is expected to deliver a classic. 

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