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SPYder Review

U/A Action 2 hrs 25 mins Sep 27, 2017





SPYder Review & Rating


So, here it is. AR Murugadoss has come forward with a superhero movie where the hero has no super powers. And looks like he has once again done decent justice in executing a simple point in an entertaining format. Known for inducing some social elements into his movies, this time ARM has picked on to show how the lack of compassion in the society leads to increase in crime and thereby obtaining sadistic pleasures by a few pychopath individuals. It is a completely larger than life story, but that's when you are watching a movie, that is what it is supposed to be. It tells a story! And watching Mahesh Babu in this film is completely a treat. Though, some have turned down the film in the very first go, a few consider that a star like Mahesh pushing the bars of making movies as wide as this is foreseen as a commendable step in South Indian Cinema.

Rating 3 from  moviecrow

This is AR Murugadoss signature style movie with Superhero template without the hero having super...

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Shiva (Mahesh Babu) works as a call data analyst with the Intelligence Bureau and works on protecting people from any foreseeable threats. On the other hand Bhairavudu is a hardcore psychopath killer with a dark past and seeks pleasure from people mourning deaths. How Shiva identifies him and performs his duty forms the rest of the story. The story looks quite common as a fight between the good and evil, but Murugadoss has tried his skills in narrating us this story in his own way with some flavour of humanity like he does always in his movies. 

Rating 2.5 from  telugu360

Spyder is not a wise choice for a subject involving a hero with superstar image and has resulted ...

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ARM always banks on good technicians and this one is no exception. From the intriguing BGM by Harris Jairaj to the excellent visuals captured by Santosh Sivan all adds to the richness of the movie. However, the director took his own time in establishing his story and the songs in the first half come as major speed breakers. 'SPYder' has its thrilling moments where ARM has taken utmost care in executing some really thrilling moments that is usually tough to tell through a subject like this. Though little more crisp narration at other portions could have helped the movie better. VFX at parts, especially the much talked about rock episode is a let down and the climax looks a bit forced.

Rating 3.25 from  123telugu

Spyder is a decent action thriller which has some very interesting moments throughout. Mahesh Bab...

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And not to forget, the movie's lead Mahesh Babu as Agent Shiva is of top notch. Irrespective of the flaws in the movie, what Mahesh has done to this movie will simple amaze you. He fit the bill and watching him through the lens of Santosh Sivan is a pleasure. SJ Surya gets one of the best villain roles ever written. An equal comeptent to Mahesh's character, SJ Surya has excelled in his role. Bharath too impresses in his short duration while Rakul was just any other heroine in a commercial potboiler. Apart from letting down at parts, ARM provides ample moments in 'SPYder' for the audience to enjoy. 

Rating 2.75 from  behindwoods

AR Murugadoss has manoeuvred his resources with utmost perfection creating both suspense and a po...

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Verdict: Keeping your expectations at the minimum and if you are okay with the things said above, 'SPYder' definitely makes for a worthy watch this Dussera. There is ample time to watch it and you do not come across a movie of this scale quite often. You can go for it!

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SPYder User Reviews

  • Prince

    27 Sep 17 @ 2:59 PM

    Super movie in Mahesh babu career 1st half good 2nd half excellent 

    Tagline-edge of the seat movie...

  • Yuvaraj

    29 Jun 18 @ 8:35 PM

  • Prince

    14 May 18 @ 1:49 PM

SPYder Live Updates & Public Talk

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SPYder Preview

What is it about?

The day has arrived for Mahesh Babu's much awaited 'SPYder' and it has all the reasons to be excited about. With Murugadoss helming the movie and great reports already pouring in from the censors, it is being anticipated that the movie will take South Indian cinema to the next level. This action-thriller also stars director turned SJ Suriya playing the antogonist and Rakul playing the female lead. Mahesh will be seen as an intelligence bureau who will stand by safe guarding people from terrorism. There will also be an underlying message in this movie that is releasing in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam simultaneouly.

What to expect?

  • Mahesh as Agent Shiva:

For the first time, Mahesh Babu will be seen in the role of an intelligence officer, Shiva. It has been said that with this movie, Mahesh will pushing open the bars for South Indian Cinema. 

  • A R Murugadoss' amazing skills:

As a film maker AR Murugadoss has always been surprising everyone upping his game everytime. It has been anticipated that, with this movie as well, Murugadoss will giving another treat to the audience with his magnanimity. 

  • SJ Surya's Antogonist Treat:

SJ Surya has already been applauded for his act in the trailers and his previous acts. And this movie will show the Telugu audience another side of SJ Surya. 

  • Technical Brilliance:

From the music and BGM, production values, stunts, VFX to the cinematography, the best technicians in every field have worked together to get this amazing product out. And looks like as per the censors, the movie is all ready to treat us.

The movie will also be marking Mahesh Babu's entry into the Tamil industry and is releasing simultaneously on September 27. Watch out this space for complete SPYder reviews. We will also update you with the public response to SPYder.