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Magamuni Review

U/A Drama 2 hrs 37 mins Sep 6, 2019





Magamuni Review & Rating

Magamuni Review: Purposefully Entertaining

The premise

Tamil Cinema is blessed with directors who are capable of churning out one thriller after another and on either original premises or screenplay based on instincts. Either way, there have been at least a dozen noteworthy thrillers in the last couple of years. It’s not just thrillers, they are blending societal problems, age-old and topical issues into even mainstream commercial potboilers. One more such film is Maga Muni.

Story of Magan and Muni

It is the story of two youngsters who are as opposite in their ways as the two poles. One is a hitman who plans the operations for a local politician who doesn’t care for this man except that he’s capable of doing the dirty work. Magadevan aka Magan. The other - Muniraj - is a progressive youngster in a village who leads his life with Swami Vivekananda’s teaching as his guiding light. He helps those around him.

Magan is not a bad person. For a day job, he is a taxi driver. He has a loving wife and cute kiddo whom he rises in the right path unlike many of the so-called respectable persons. But for reasons (which you need to watch the film to know) he does what he does for the politician Muthuraj. Currently, he is in a fix. He needs money but his payments are not made by Muthuraj. Rather is he asked to work on another hit. But this lands him in serious trouble which leads him to be placed in an asylum which is the opening scene of the film.

Muni has another sort of problem. Apart from casteist issues, he’s admired by Deepa - a progressive thinking young lady and the step-daughter of a casteist village nobleman. Noble? My foot! He wants Muni to be dispatched away as he thinks his daughter to be in love with Muni. But it’s just admiration of his ideals. A misunderstanding very common among Indians.

These two stories intersect in a most unimaginable way and surprises you and how the two men MagaMuni come out of their respective problems together form the rest of the story. It’s a journey of a lifetime for both of them.

The performances

Arya is stunning in showing his range of histrionics in the film. He has shown enough variations in his two roles and his body language is equally different. The dialogue delivery is also apt for both roles in a separate style. He has carried what could have been a routine story narrated in a different way in his shoulders quite admirably. In every scene which can be pronounced as a highlight in the film, he took his performance to the next level. It is in the hands of the filmmakers to create good roles for him. He’s a capable actor.

Ilavarasu as Muthuraj the scheming politico is effective so much so that we feel like slapping him left right and center. The heroines - Indhuja who played Magan’s wife and Mahima Nambiar who played Deepa - are neat in their roles in a film which is mostly about its heroes and their lives. Their characterizations are consistent.
Jayaprakash and GM Sundar are superb too.

Writing and direction

The narration is what makes this film stand out from the other films which touched upon the similar subject or having plot elements. The innovative mixing of two storylines gives the audience a doubt whether they are watching the same person in two different timelines. The screenplay has all the right beats and moves in a free-flowing manner. The dialogues touched upon topical issues like many Tamil films these days and they are effective.

The crew

The music by Thaman goes hand in hand with the narration. The background score elevated a few scenes where cinematic liberties are taken to add commerciality to the film. The cinematography is first-rate. The way Arun Bathmanaban captures the worlds of Magan and Muni is admirable. The angles and color palettes, the lighting schemes used for various scenes speak for themselves. The editing is sharp and the production design is neat. Production values are classy.


Magamuni is a terrific film to boot with and is highly recommended if you want to spend some time in theatres this weekend. It’s a sort of film that respects the intellect of the audience comes up with a neat discussion of topical issues apart from giving them thrills. Recommended.


• Arya’s performance
• Innovative narration
• Brilliant cinematography
• slick direction


• None to speak of except for a couple of scenes where cinematic liberty is taken

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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