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Madura Veeran Review

U Drama 2 hrs 1 mins Feb 2, 2018





Madura Veeran Review & Rating


The movie Madura Veeran is an action entertainer written and directed by PG Muthiah. The lead role is performed by actor Vijayakanth's son Shanmuga Pandian and the female lead is played by Meenakshi. Actors Samuthirakani, Mime Gopi and Vela Ramamoorthy are featured in important character roles in the film. The music of the film is composed by Santosh Dhayanidhi and editing of the film is done by Praveen KL.

The movie is set in the backdrop of rural village and Jallikattu. And the director has done justice to the depiction of Jallikkattu in the story. Shanmuga Pandian who is doing his second movie has done a good job in delivering the character given to him.

Rating 3 from  celebscinema

Maduraveeran is a crisp authentic rural action entertainer filled with communal clash, betrayal, ...

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The movie illustrates the plot discussing a folk tale of revenge with the backdrop of Jallikattu and the politics behind in it. The is filled with stunning action sequences and twists. The director/writer Muthiah was successful in bringing out the twists and emotional areas hit right at the point.

Rating 3.5 from  pressks

Samuthirakani is the kind of main lead of the movie and also rules the screen. As said earlier,&n...

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Meenakshi who played the female lead did what was required, as she had a very little scope for performance.The character played by Samuthirakani as Shanmuga's father will uplift his acting career for sure. The part he played stood as the strongest and vital section of the movie. Actors like Marimuthu, PL Thenappan, Vela Ramamoorthy have given their best performance which took the movie to another level.

Rating 3.25 from  thesportshunt

The stunt sequences are very well choreographed and apt for this film. Overall, Madura Veeran kee...

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The plot does have created some confusion but succeeded in engaging the audience. The movie with the commercial elements rightly has taken this small film into an entertainer with fewer flaws.

Rating 3.25 from  kalakkalcinema

Samuthirakani does a wonderful act. He hogs all limelight in the first half. As a honest man, who...

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Madura Veeran User Reviews

  • Ravi Krishna

    2 Feb 18 @ 6:40 PM

    Madura Veeran’s story is more than Jallikattu and its history. I went expecting that it’s a remake of the MGR classic but was nowhere close to it. The village and character set up are good but Shanmuga Pandian as the simpleton disappoints for his character seems to have been not well written. Though it’d be unfair to compare him to his father but a point may soon come where he’ll have to prove his credentials. Meenakshi as Shanmuga’s love interest is ok but their chemistry is nothing to write home about. Madura Veeran scores on technical aspects but we’ve already had enough of Jallikattu and its banning. Watch it for the Jallikattu sequences!!!

Madura Veeran Live Updates & Public Talk

Madura Veeran directed by PG Muthiah starring Vijayakanth's son Shanmuga Pandian released today.The movie illustrates the plot discussing a folk tale of revenge with the backdrop of Jallikattu and the politics behind it. The movie is praised for its surprising elements and twists.

Madura Veeran is receiving good response all over. Though the movie is not completely justifying but surely it keeps the audience engaged throughout the portrayal of the story. Shanmuga Pandian receives warm greetings with his comeback. Vijayakanth is seen happy after watching the movie and his son's performance.


Madura Veeran Preview

What’s it about?

Madura Veeran is an action-drama which marks the directorial debut of cinematographer and producer PG Muthiah. Madura Veeran is a title inspired by MGR’s 1965 yesteryear classic by the same name which has Shanmuga Pandian, Meenakshi, Samuthirakani, Vela Ramamoorthy, Mime Gopi and G. Marimuthu in pivotal roles. Madura Veeran’s story is set in a village near Madurai which highlights the issues and politics associated with Tamil Nadu’s traditional sports Jallikattu that was in the news last year for favouring the tradition rather than the proposed ban. The plot revolves around a young villager (played by Shanmuga Pandian) who takes up the issue of banning Jallikattu and explains why the sport is so important which has come to be known as an integral traditional sport of Tamilians and why it shouldn’t be banned. Meenakshi plays the love interest of Shanmuga who supports him in his cause. Besides direction, PG Muthiah has also written and cinematographed the film while music has been composed by Santosh Dhayanidhi and Praveen KL has edited it. Viji Subramanian and PG Muthiah have produced the film under V Studios and PG Media Works, respectively.

What to expect?

Though Madura Veeran title has been inspired by MGR’s yesteryear hit film, the plot and treatment are what makes this film a unique watch. Despite having a catchy title to its credit, let’s look into the reason’s that make the film a surprise draw at the ticket windows.

  • Shanmuga Pandian’s power-packed performance

Madura Veeran is Shanmuga Pandian’s third flick since making his debut in 2015. The young actor will be looking to deliver a big hit with this flick as it deals with the contemporary issue of Jallikattu which took the whole state of Tamil Nadu by storm. Going by the looks of the trailer, Shanmuga is expected to deliver a power packed performance in the film.

  • On-screen chemistry of lead pair

Shanmuga Pandian and Meenakshi will be sharing screen space for the first time as they make a good on-screen pair. Their on-screen chemistry is expected to set the screen on fire. As reported, the pair has worked very hard on their looks to live the part.

  • Highlighting of Jallikattu issue

Madura Veeran’s main plot narrates the issues on Jallikattu and the politics associated with it which favoured the tradition rather than the proposed ban. Jallikattu might as well be the key to the whole narration while it may reveal some finer points which got missed out during the protest.

  • PG Muthiah’s technical finesse

As we know filmmaker PG Muthiah is a multitalented person who is just not making his directorial debut with this film but also has produced, written and cinematographed it. Audiences can expect fireworks with his technical finesse as the story unfolds in theaters.

  • Action sequences and supporting cast

The action sequences captured during Jallikattu is expected to be the highlights of this film. The film which touches upon some critical and sensitive issues of Tamil Nadu’s traditional sports Jallikattu has a good supporting cast that includes Samuthirakani, Vela Ramamoorthy, Mime Gopi and G. Marimuthu, PL Thenappan, Bala Saravanan, Rajendran and Vinod Bharathi.