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Madhura Raja Review

U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 30 mins Apr 12, 2019





Madhura Raja Review & Rating

Madhura Raja Review: Big-Ticket Entertainer, Feast For Fans

The premise

After taking on the sort of roles that satiate the thirst of Mammootty the actor, the Mollywood Megastar now aims at a raging commercial success his fans have been waiting for a long time to celebrate. What better way is there than bringing one of his iconic characters, Maduraraja from the 2010 cult blockbuster Pokkiri Raja? Though this is not a sequel in the traditional sense, Maduraraja has all the makings of a commercial potboiler like Pokkiri Raja. 

Director Vysakh is known for his larger than life heroes and similarly grand action sequences. Post the industry hit in the form of Puli Murugan, he teams up this time with the other M of Mollywood, Mammukka, who is fresh off a string of several critically acclaimed films. Udhayakrishna who wrote Pokkiri Raja returns to pen Madura Raja. Let's see if this golden trio delivers on the promise of big-ticket entertainment with Madhura Raja review. 

Enter the Raja

The movie traces the Vypeen Liquor tragedy which shook Kerala on an Onam Day in the early 1980s (1982 to be exact). As per the official records, more than 75 people died because of liquor poisoning. The alcoholic drink supplied by the shops which have a government license. Most of the dead are daily laborers and fishermen. In concurrence with this, Madhura Raja opens with Nadeshan, a kingpin whose business mostly revolves around alcohol. 

How he started his business and he rose through the times to control the entire island village of Pambinthuruth. Someone has to stand up and it is the school headmaster, Madhavan Nair who takes the fight but in vain. When Chinna Raja too fails, a hero must come to save the day and it is none other than Mammootty's signature mass role, Madura Raja. Enter the Dragon! Sorry, The Way of the Dragon! How he with all his pomp and glorious heroic deeds keeps Nadeshan in his rightful place form the rest of the story. 

Mammukka rocks

Maduraraja is a film made for Mammootty's fans and there are no second thoughts about it. Though the story comes out as an afterthought, it is also worthy of his presence. Mammukka is at his charming best in looks, the swag is better than any of the younger actors and the style can only be matched by a select few. In one sentence, he enjoyed unleashing the mass angle in him with Madura Raja. If you're waiting for this moment, you'll have a treat. 

Jai has a limited role as the youngest son of Madhavan Nair, and Prithviraj's Surya Narayanan is smartly kept out of the film to give him a time of peace. Jai who makes his Mollywood debut is decent in his performance. Nedumudi Venu as Madhavan Nair, the father of Raja is excellent in portraying rightful but helpless anger.

It is Jagapathi Babu who makes the mark among the actors who are not Mammootty. He is as menacing as some of his best roles and had a fun time before Mammootty's entry. Sunny Leone sizzles in a special song while Mahima Nambiar and Poorna did an okayish job in comparatively smaller roles. 

Writing and direction

The writing of the film followed a set template but Udhayakrishna did an extremely good job in heightening the anticipation of Madhura Raja's arrival with each passing scene. The dialogues are electrifying. But the second half took a little bit of beating with necessary but not-up-to-standard socio-political commentary which appears forced. The direction by Vysakh is terrific and the hero elevation is done in a fantastic manner. 

The crew

The music of the film is okayish but the background score is excellent. The cinematography is adequately good. The editing is nice and there are no unnecessary jerks. The production design is authentic when it comes to the setting. The locations are good and have given a mass vibe to the film. The action choreography by Peter Hein is monotonous. He must think of revamping his style, else he would be pushed out of the competition by others. The production values are grand typical of a big star film. 


Madura Raja may not be as good as some of the other films of the same genre in recent times (not naming films for obvious reasons) but still, it has enough to offer big-ticket fun from none other than the Megastar. Few electrifying moments, loads of mass elevation scenes, and a good number of punch dialogues keep the fans and regular movie buffs happy. Don't miss the fun


  • Mammootty at his massiest best
  • Regular but good story
  • Fanfest


  • Idea of injecting political commentary is good but could have been handled well
  • The initial block until Mammootty's entry appears dull

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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Madhura Raja User Reviews

  • Rajeeh

    14 Apr 19 @ 2:05 AM

  • Jibin

    12 Apr 19 @ 2:36 PM

    Paisa vasool movie.A complete family ENTERTAINER..A PERFECT VISHU-EASTER FESTIVAL MOVIE

  • J

    21 Apr 19 @ 5:18 PM

Madhura Raja Live Updates & Public Talk

Madura Raja is one of the hugely anticipated films in Malayalam Cinema this summer. Coming from the combination of Vysakh and Megastar Mammootty, the film sees Mammukka reprising the role of Madura Raja from the 2010 blockbuster Pokkiri Raja. Released amidst sky-high expectations, this much-hyped film has started receiving a generally positive response from the critics who praised the film as a perfect masala entertainer and is a feast for Mammootty fans. Madura Raja offers Mammootty at his energetic best ad is a good option during this Vishu time. Mammootty rocked in the action and emotional scenes.

The first half is fantastic with all mass masala elements working out. Family elements worked out to the core. It's all fabulous. It took almost 9 long years for finally having a proper mass entertainer from Megastar and that came from Vysakh. He definitely knows how to present the actors in the best manner knowing the pulse of audience MadhuraRaja is the latest testimony to this. Few others commented that the action sequences are pretty average. 

Keep watching for more Madura Raja public talk and live updates. 

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