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Maacher Jhol Review

U/A Drama 1 hrs 48 mins Aug 18, 2017





Maacher Jhol Review & Rating


In food movies, the food-cinematography has to be top-notch. Here, the cooking scenes have been able to bring water in the mouth. Ritwick is perfect as the Masterchef Dev D. The cinematography and editing is smart and some plot points deserve a special mention. The food reality show type competition was a good idea. The makers have also ventured into the fish markets.  

Rating 3 from  ebela

Director Pratim D Gupta's 'Maacher Jhol' is the first food film made in Bengal. Dev D leaves his ...

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In times when every other filmmaker is busy holding up mirrors to society (little realising that no one ever sees ugliness in their reflections) Maacher Jhol is refreshingly different. It’s a slice of life with dollops of Bangaliana and a liberal sprinkling of the right spices. But that’s not the film’s core strength. Pratim D Gupta has cooked a continental story that would perhaps taste just as good even if made in Swahili.

Rating 3.5 from  indiatimes

What is refreshing about the film is its no-nonsense air — it’s totally nyakamo-free and devoid o...

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  • Sanchari

    19 Aug 17 @ 8:14 AM

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The viewer found 'Maacher Jhol' a satisfying experience. 


Maacher Jhol Preview

Pratim D Gupta's 'Maacher Jhol' is a food movie that precisely revolves around food-memories that people have in their lives. The film is about Devdutt AKA Dev D, a Bengali guy hailing from an ordinary Bengali family, who loves cooking and wants to be a chef. However, he had to take engineering due to his family pressure. An unhappy Dev only found solace in his mother, who understood and supported him. Dev D left the country and went on to become a MasterChef in Paris.

Years later, Dev D returned to Kolkata to meet his ailing mother, he throws a challenge towards him. He has to prepare a special fish curry for her. Will Dev D be able to satisfy his mom with his cooking?

  • After the huge success of 'Saheb Bibi Golaam', a lot of audiences are waiting for Pratim D Gupta's film. Pratim's previous film won maximum number of Filmfare (East) Awards which will work as a plus.
  • Ritwick Chakraborty's film 'Bibaho Diaries' was a hit. The audience of the urban area has grown a fondness for his films and especially his performances. 
  • Ritwick's never-seen-before look will work as a factor. 
  • The trailer proves this film also reflects the trademark of Pratim's direction i.e. smart and magnetic execution. 
  • They shot in the exotic locations of Paris which is a plus. 
  • A stellar cast including actors like Mamata Shankar and Paoli Dam.
  • The title 'Maacher Jhol' is itself a reason that may work like a magnet. It's steeped in Bangaliana still feels refreshing. 
  • This is the first food movie made in Tollywood.