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Maacher Jhol Full Movie

U/A Drama 1 hrs 48 mins Aug 18, 2017
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Maacher Jhol Story

Director: Pratim D Gupta

Cast: Ritwick Chakraborty as Devdutt AKA Dev D, Mamata Shankar as Dev's mother, Paoli Dam as Sreela, Arjun Chakraborty as Palash

The film is a heartwarming tale of the homecoming of a man. It is all about returning to the roots as a bowl of fish curry - Maacher Jhol, the quintessential Bengali dish brings the protagonist closer to his land. Devdutt a.k.a Dev D now a Paris-based Chef returned home knowing his mother is ill. In the past, when he was working as an Engineer against his will forced by his father, His mother was his only support system. He left his home, city, and family to fulfil his dream to become a chef. Dev returns to Kolkata after 13 years to meet his ailing mother, played by the Mamata Shankar.

Now Dev is challenged by his mother. He has to cook a special fish curry for her. The MasterChef prepares delicious curries for her, but the old lady wants his son to prepare the "Maacher Jhol" what he made at a young age for her ailing mother. The challenge actually and gradually helps him to return to his root.

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