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Maacher Jhol

U/A Drama 1 hrs 48 mins Aug 18, 2017
Maacher Jhol






After 'Saheb Bibi Golaam', Pratim. D. Gupta is set to tell a tale full of 'Bangaliana'. In the attire of a food movie, this is actually a story of coming back and finding the root. Ritwick Chakraborty, who played the 'Golaam' in Pratim's previous movie, plays the protagonist in 'Maacher Jhol'. Devdutt AKA Dev D, the protagonist is an aspiring chef, who had to study and work as an engineer until he decides against it and leaves the job, his family, and the country to follow his dream of being a chef. 

Dev D achieves his dream and becomes a MasterChef. Now that he owns a restaurant in Paris and another in NYC, he comes to know about his ailing mother, who was his only support system back in the home. He comes back only to face a challenge for his mother. This time, he has to recreate a 'Maacher Jhol' for his mother, who wants her to cook the special fish curry for her.

Being a Bengali, the food movie has a special inclination for fish, hence the name 'Maacher Jhol'. The movie will be the first food movie made in Tollywood. Also, Paoli Dam, who play's Dev D's wife in the movie has worked with Pratim for the first time in this food film. 

Maacher Jhol Cast & Crew

  • Ritwick Chakraborty


  • Mamata Shankar


  • Arjun Chakrabarty


  • Souraseni Maitra


  • Anupam Roy

    Music Director

  • Pratim D. Gupta


  • Subhankar Bhar