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Maayavan Review

U/A Crime, Sci-fi, Thriller 2 hrs 8 mins Dec 14, 2017





Maayavan Review & Rating


Producer CV Kumar has been one of the best producers in Tamil cinema in the recent times as he introduced some fine talents to the industry. He was the backbone of some of the most experimental and interesting Tamil films in the recent times. And his decision to direct a movie came as a sweet surprise to the movie lovers as they were excited about the subject he will choose for his directorial debut. As expected he chose a unique subject and the trailer for the film has impressed many. Now finally the film has hit the screens after being postponed multiple times. The movie is carrying a decent buzz and there are a lot of expectations on CV Kumar. Will he live up to those expectations? Let's find out in our review of Maayavan.

Maayavan is the story of a hot-headed and honest cop Kumaran (played by Sundeep Kishan) who takes up a murder mystery case. He solves it successfully by risking his life. Once we feel that everything is going well, he visits a murder spot where the murder looks similar to the one that he solved previously. The film is about how Kumaran solves this case and how he finds out the link between all those murders and the culprit behind it.

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Sundeep Kishan is perfect as a tough cop who goes to any extent to solve the case. His look in the film is very different from what we have seen from him in the recent past and he impresses with his new look. The role requires a lot of physical hard work and without dedication, Sundeep wouldn't have pulled off the role like the way he did. Lavanya Tripathi gets a meaty role this time and has a scope for performance. She is also successful in making an impact with her performance. Daniel Balaji is impressive in a stylish avatar and Jackie Shroff adds a lot of weight to the proceedings with his terrific screen presence.Mime Gopi, Jeya Prakash, Dheena, and others have done their parts well. Akshara Gowda leaves an impact in whatever the little screen time she gets.

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Maayavan scores big in the technical department as well. To star with, Ghibran's background score for the film is terrific and elevates the film to the next level. He did a fantastic job during the thrilling and action scenes. Gopi Amarnath has captured the film well and he manages to impress. The set designs are perfect and the art director must be appreciated for that. Editing by Leo John Paul is crisp but he should've taken a little extra care during the first half as the film looks very slow during this part.Thirukumaran Entertainment's production values are top class and it must be said that this is the best film from them considering the production values and quality.

Coming to CV Kumar, as one expects from him, he chooses a unique script for his directorial debut. The good thing is he is fairly successful in executing it as well. Barring few minutes in the first half he manages to give the audience an edge of the seat experience. He is well supported by Nalan Kumarasamy who provided the screenplay for the film.

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One of the best things about Maayavan is how it manages to keep us guessing until it reveals the ...

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Verdict: Intense and Entertaining Thriller, Go For It.

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Maayavan Live Updates & Public Talk

Sundeep Kishan's cop-drama Maayavan has hit the screens finally today. A special screening for the press and the media was held yesterday and the movie received a super positive response from the critics and celebrities. The CV Kumar directorial is being praised for its thrilling screenplay and superb performances from the lead cast. Check out the latest Tweets from the critics:

The movie is being praised by the critics and being praised as one of the best Tamil films of the year. Sundeep Kishan's performance as a cop and CV Kumar's direction are being loved by the audience. Some of the critics and audience who have watched the film are posting about the film on social media sites. Take a look:

Positive reports continue to pour in for Maayavan. The audience seem to be liking the futuristic sets in the film which are quite unique. Ghibran's background score managed to impress the critics as his music is being loved and praised by everyone. The screenplay seems to be a bit confusing at times which is being termed as one of the negative points about the film. Check out what the audience are saying about the film below:

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Maayavan Preview

What Is It About?

Maayavan is an intense cop drama featuring Sundeep Kishan and Lavanya Tripathi in the lead roles and is directed by producer-turned-director C.V. Kumar. Sundeep Kishan is increasing his market in Tamilnadu with good films like 'Maanagaram', 'Nenjil Thunivirunthal' and now he is coming up with Maayavan. Lavanya Tripathi is also a Telugu actress trying her luck in Tamil films. With the impressive trailer and casting the movie gained decent buzz in the film circles.

What To Expect?

  • Terrific Performances

Maayavan boasts of an ensemble cast in the form of Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Jackie Shroff, Daniel Balaji and others from whom we can expect decent performances. Sundeep Kishan especially is seen in one more intense role and he has always given his best while performing such kind of roles. The characters of Daniel Balaji and Jackie Shroff in the film seem to be quite interesting too.

  • Thrilling Experience

The 2-minute trailer has given many thrilling moments and we can expect few more from the movie which is 2 hours. The mind games between a serial killer and a tough cop can definitely give enough thrilling moments. Maayavan seems to be one more edge of the seat thriller from C.V. Kumar who earlier produced movies like Pizza, Villa, etc.

  • Good Music and BGM

The movie's music has been composed by Ghibran who is in top form with hits like 'Theeran' to his credit. With the kind of plot Maayavan has we can expect terrific background score from him. Interestingly the makers released few music bits in the audio jukebox and they sound pretty impressive. If properly utilised, those music bits are pretty much enough to give goosebumps to the audience.