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Maari Full Movie

Action, Comedy Jul 17, 2015
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Maari Story

Director: Balaji Mohan

Cast: Dhanush as Maari, Kajal Agarwal as Sri Devi, Vijay Yesudas as Inspector Arjun Kumar, Robo Shankar as Sanikilamai, Kaali Venkat as Aarumugan, Kalloori Vinoth as Adithangi.

Maari, a local rowdy who is fond of sparrows and sparrow race, He rose to fame as a rowdy after killing a rival don. He along with his henchmen Sanikilamai and Adithangi rules the area where they live. Sri Devi comes to the area and settles, Maari starts irritating her and her family. He forces and orders her to make him the partner of her boutique and she agrees. Maari and his henchmen spoil the business.

Sri Devi acts being close to Maari and Maari on a fine day proposes her but she refuses. She meets him during the night, Maari who is drunk reveals the story behind his first killing and the next day he is arrested. It is revealed that Sri Devi was taking revenge on Maari and was spying on him to get the evidence so that inspector Arjun could arrest and lock him up.

Bird Ravi takes control of the area in Maari's absence and creates difficult situations for the people. Maari comes out of the jail and decides to go from the area. But realising that Inspector Arjun the master brain behind Ravi's dominance he returns back to the area. He watches Arjun's move and waits for Velu Anna his boss to come out of the jail.

Inspector Arjun irritates Maari as he lost his power as a don in the area. Maari Participate in the annual sparrow race. He finds that Arjun had set fire and tried to destroy his sparrows. Maari takes revenge on Arjun as Velu comes out of the jail. Arjun is arrested for his illegal activities done along with Bird Ravi.

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