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Maari 2 Review

U/A Action, Comedy 2 hrs 29 mins Dec 21, 2018





Maari 2 Review & Rating


Maari 2 Review: Dhanush, Sai Pallavi Chemistry is Worth The Ticket Price

The premise

Maari the naughtiest don, the dad of the bad and the baddest of the badasses is here again and this time with an even bigger and brainer villain in his tow. Dhanush who played Maari with aplomb the first time round takes up a character most of his fans want to watch him on the big screen. Sensational heroine Sai Pallavi joins him in her completely commercial role. Let's see if Maari 2 is two times better than Maari as promised by Balaji Mohan with Maari 2 review. 

Maari Square

We know who Maari is. The most irritating don who is also the most likable. Which is an irony in itself but if work out well, ironies are good for such characters. He dwells with his usual gang comprising of Sanikkizhama the henchman, and Adithaangi and does all the things expected of him. A director needs to be careful when dealing with such a cult character. Even if a bit more of the same, the character loses its charm. Dhanush once again nailed the looks and body language of the character. 

Maari is introduced in a scene where he escapes being killed for the umpteenth time. But he has to face Beeja, the self-described God of Death played by Tovino Thomas who also calls himself Thanathos. The villain this time is near-invincible and has brains to go with brawn. Maari is in for a field day. We also have Arathu Anandhi. Nothing can get better than the intrepid auto-driving heroine in these masala flicks. She has a bit of feeling towards Maari. 

Beeja has a has a score to settle with Maari and he wants nothing less than Maari's life. He even says that multiple times. As usual, Maari and Anandhi get married and Maari has to face Beeja. How Maari's married life turns out? How he defeats Beeja? The answers to these questions form the rest of the story. 

Writing and Direction

Maari is a masala entertainer. Nothing less. Nothing more. And the director Balaji Mohan sincerely treated it like that. The screenplay follows a template. An electrifying mass scene. A good comedy scene. A romantic scene. A song. And then an action scene. The same is repeated till the end of the movie. But for the most part, the template style of writing works for Maari 2. 

The mass scenes where punch dialogues are thrown as easily as drinking goli soda. The comedy is passably good. Sai Pallavi as the romantic lead for Maari is crazy good. The songs are average. Then the action scenes are well choreographed. Balaji Mohan packaged all these elements in an elegant narrative. But these are a couple of problems. 

Change in character dynamics 

Maari's turn to a dutiful husband. There is nothing wrong in Maari's marriage and there is nothing wrong being a good boy spouse for a heroine like Sai Pallavi. Unfortunately, in this process, Maari loses his irritatingly addictive charm. This is a crime on the part of the writer.

While the direction is slick, the writing which followed a template loses its steam in the second half. After a breezy first half, we get a feeling that the latter half of the movie is not up to the mark just because of changing the character dynamics. Once the character dynamics are changed, the climax has become lethargic. The better we don't even think about the climax.

Worthy Characterization

But one more thing Balaji Mohan should be commended for is the characterization of the heroine. Maybe by the design or because Sai Pallavi is the heroine, Anandhi's character is very unlike what is the norm in the commercial masala films. She is neither the loosu ponnu nor the maasu ponnu we are used to. She is a young woman in flesh and blood. Sai Pallavi nailed the meaty role. 

The Crew

The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja also followed a set template. The songs are already big hits. Rowdy Baby is particularly good on the screen. Sai Pallavi danced without restraint and Dhanush matched her step to step. The background score is excellent. The cinematography by Om Prakash is underplayed. He didn't dominate the proceedings with overt angles nor the lighting is too dark. he did a measured job which helped the mood of the film. Editing by Prasanna GK is terrific. The production values by Wunderbar Films are grand. 


Dhanush's brilliance, Sai Pallav's exuberance, and good in parts screenplay worked in the favor of this highly anticipated sequel. But the change in character dynamics played spoilsport in the second half and the climax is ill-conceived. But Maari 2 is worth w watch for Dhanush and his chemistry with Sai Pallavi. Comedy, action, and songs are a bonus. A surely one-time watch. 


  • Maari return
  • Sai Pallavi's Anandhi
  • Villains characterization
  • Songs
  • Dialogues


  • Change in character dynamics made the second half lose tempo
  • Climax
  • Template screenplay

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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Maari 2 Live Updates & Public Talk

Dhanush's Maari 2 can be termed as one of the most awaited sequels of Tamil Cinema. Even with the first being not so successful at the box office, Maari 2 has peeked the attention of movie lovers. As scheduled long back, Maari 2 has hit the screens today amidst huge buzz and competition. The early morning shows have begun in the state of Tamil Nadu and the initial talk for the first half of the movie is very good.

Dhanush seems to be at his best in the rowdy character and once again ready to steal the show in Maari 2 which is being said as way better than the first part. Sai Pallavi also seems to have done a good job in a mass role and her dance in Rowdy Baby song is getting a good response. Also, her chemistry with Dhanush seems to have worked well.

The second half of Maari 2 is said to be a little slow as the director Balaji Mohan tried to add sentimental scenes and bring a new angle to the mass entertainer. Sai Pallavi's role unlike many other heroines roles in mass films is said to be very well written and performed. Maari 2 seems to have impressed most of the audience and can turn out to be the winner at box office.

Stay tuned for Maari 2 review and public talk.

Maari 2 Preview

What is Maari 2 about?

The most irritating and most lovable gangster Maari returns with Maari 2. The Dhanush starrer mass action comedy entertainer Maari has gained a cult following. Now, the fan favorite character makes a return in the sequel which is bigger in scope and entertainment. Sensational heroine Sai Pallavi joins Dhanush in a mass role where she will be seen as an auto driver. 

This Wunderbar Films production has been releasing amidst a lot of competition with some of the well-known stars competing for the attention of the fans. Balaji Mohan helms this film as with the original and let's see what's in the offer for us.

Maari 2 Promises

Dhanush as Maari

Maari is a dreaded gangster but with a heart. He irritates and pesters people and extort money from them but helps them when another gangster or a corrupt police officer troubles them. He has his own code of morality and in an addictive way likable. Dhanush's portrayal as Maari gained cult following ever since the first film hit the screens. Now, he comes back as the fan-favorite character saying he is the baddest of the badasses. The dialogue in the trailer, if you are bad, I'm your dad, gives us how Maari 2 is going to be. No need to say again that Dhanush rocks. 

Sai Pallavi

Sai Pallavi who gained a following comparable to some of the biggest stars has been playing a mass role for the first time. And it is also the first time proper where her role is a bit relegated to the sidelines (we cannot be sure though). But her Jodi with Dhanush is sure to be a treat for the fans of both. One more blockbuster n cards for this highly talented dancing star. Watch out for some of the massy steps from her. 

Balaji Mohan direction

Balaji Mohan who designed the naughtiest of the dons Maari with Dhanush helms this sequel augurs well for this film. With a host of good films to his credit, he knows the character of Maari inside out and has already said that he shows Dhanush the way his fans want to see him on the big screen. And the villain he has pitted against Maari is the God of Death as the dialogue in the trailer goes: I am God of Death and Maari defied death many times. A perfect match up. Well, we just can't wait to watch this massest of the mass films on big screens. 

Be sure to watch this space for Maari 2 review, rating, and complete analysis.