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Luca Review

U/A Drama, Romance, Thriller 2 hrs 31 mins Jun 28, 2019





Luca Review & Rating

Luca Review: A Creative Mess That Should Be Loved 

The premise

What makes an artist so creative? Or, to put in other words, what is the prominent feature of a creative artist? Mess. It is 'mess' which is the hallmark of a creative artist. No artist who is really on a higher plane compared to others couldn't be as organized as the mere mortals. Like Luca himself, the highly creative talented scrap artist said in the movie of the same title, it is 'mess' where creativity thrives. This happened with the film too. The narration of the film is muddled and crystal clear at the same time. 

The story of love and not-love

Luca tells the story of two artists and their crossing paths. One is Luca, the creative scrap artist who is in love with Niharika. And the other is a police officer who is investigating a case of murder that has a relation to Luca's story. Hey! How can a police officer be an artist? You may ask. Didn't Sherlock Holmes say that solving a crime is an art? 

Luca and Niharika met with each other in an art exhibition. Like all good love stories start, their first meet up is a mess. Again mess. This hints that their love is also creative and is presented in a highly creative manner by the director. Luca has a fear of death. Thanatophobia. And the police officer, Akbar, has a family life where he is in unhappy wedlock with his wife as he has to marry her and had to forego his love. 

With such an interesting setting and showing comparison and contrast between the two protagonists, Luca is a highly creative film at one level which we have not seen in a long time. The romance is in a dreamy landscape. Luca and Niharika, the dewdrop, are in passionate love. And the landscape of Akbar's heart is messy. Again creativity of his investigation.

The actors

Tovino Thomas has delivered another passionate performance after his under-the-skin work in And The Oskar Goes To last week. The way he expresses his love is more than touching and his dialogue delivery is stellar. The voice creates magic on the viewers and the listeners. It is easy to know, why such a beautiful girl like Niharika played by Ahaaana Krishna in probably her best role till date, fall for that messy fellow? Oh! By the way, Niharika is a researcher in industrial chemistry. 

Nithin George is very good as the cop who is in an unhappy marriage. His musings over love and life with his subordinate are contrasting with that of the same between Luca and Niharika Banerjee. Vinitha Koshy who played Fathima, wife of Akbar makes her presence felt. Akbar is surprised by the positivity of Luca towards his art and by extension his life which forms a crucial point in the film and it is where Nithin shone the best. 

Writing and direction

The narration of the film is brilliant when it comes to the love story between Luca and Niharika but it gets a bit muddled when it comes to the story of Akbar. The director, debutant Arun Bose, might have designed the film deliberately like that. The screenplay is smooth flowing for the most part. The way he used symbolism and colors is terrific. An excellent filmmaker announces himself. All he needs is a bit more coherence in keeping his wild creativity in the right line.

The crew

The music of the film has a haunting quality. The background score goes hand in hand with the narration. Suraj S. Kurup deserves a couple of pats on his shoulder. The cinematography by Nimish Ravi is brilliant. The way he used close-ups and shadows and lights is exemplary. The production design by Anees Nadodi is praiseworthy. The production values are great. 


Luca, in general, may not appeal to everyone but those who can bear with creativity and the mess it creates can feast on this great work of art. Aided by brilliant performances and great chemistry between the lead pair, and some of the best works by music director and cinematographer alongside the art director, Arun Bose made his debut directorial a memorable piece of creative art. Means mess. Means love. Watch it!


  • Great chemistry between the lead pair
  • Tovino Thomas' stellar performance
  • The love story is so creative


  • The non-love story is muddled
  • Narration drags here and there

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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