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Lover Review & Rating


Lover review: A Delightful Comeback for Raj Tarun

What do you do if you have no parents and the person you love the most is missing from you? You may think of not missing the beloved as you missed your family. This is exactly what Raj Tarun's latest offering shows. Coming after a couple of duds from him, this once successful young hero keeps all his hopes pinned on Lover. 

Newcomer but not exactly debutant Anish Krishna comes up with Lover produced by another newcomer but not exactly debutant Harshith Reddy on Sri Venkateswara Creations banner. Let's see if this Dil Raju's production gives the required hit for Raj Tarun and a breakthrough to the director with Lover review. 

The story

Raju (seems to be a favourite name for Raj Tarun) is an orphan who is living with his brother and his family as he had lost his parents in the childhood. He is a bike-and-car mechanic. He falls in love with Charitha played by the brilliant Riddhima Kumar at first sight as usual for Raj Tarun these days. 

But she doesn't reciprocate his feelings initially like all good heroines of such films. But as Raju predicted, one incident changes her heart and makes her love him. But, things go in a rosy way for long as Charitha, a nurse, faces a big problem at her hospital. She movies away to her native Kerala and Raju follows her as he doesn't want to miss the one he loved most like he misses his parents. What is the trouble Charitha is facing and how Raju solves it forms the rest of the story. 

Brilliant job by the lead pair

Raj Tarun is delightfully good in the role of a mechanic who falls in love with a nurse. His comic timing and changeover in this film are as good as it gets. His characterisation in this routine story is good and he excelled with natural mannerisms. The change he shows as a youthful lover in the first half and the massy hero in the second half are good. He is brilliant in the climax. 

Riddhima Kumar who played the role of a nurse from Kerala who gets into a trouble with bigshots who are after her is good. She is cute in expressions and sometimes, her eyes weaved magic. She is homely in looks and brilliant in emoting. She is an asset for the movie. 

Rajiv Kanakala received a surprising character in the movie. He played the role of the hero, but his characterisation is what stands out. He breathed life into the role. Rest of the actors did well enough to make bearable on the acting side. Ajay, Sachin Khedekar, and Subbaraju are good as the villains. 

Slick direction

Director Anish Krishna came up with a routine story but it is his treatment of it makes Lover a watchable flick. Especially, the second half is very good. The narration in the first half is stale as after establishing the background of the hero, things feel like a drag. The love episode between the hero and the heroine is not interesting. Add to that, the interspersing of the villain scenes without going into the story makes proceedings chaotic. 

The crew

Music by a host of music directors is superb. All the songs are brilliant and the picturisation takes the cake. The songs of Lover movie are visual feasts. The cinematography by Sameer Reddy is first rate. The visuals in the second half where the story proceeds are an eye candy. Editing by Prawin Pudi makes the movie feel like going at a crisp pace. The production values by Sri Venkateswara Creations are grand and the movie look rich. Nice job Harshith!


On a whole, Lover is a nice comeback for Raj Tarun with an interesting mix of story and beautiful songs and some superb acting by the lead pair. Go and watch it in your favourite theatres this weekend. You won't be disappointed. 

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Lover Live Updates & Public Talk

Raj Tarun and Riddhi Kumar's Lover has managed to grab the attention of the audience with its superb songs and teasers. The film is directed by Aneesh whose first film Ala Ela which was a surprise hit. Lover movie has hit the screens today amidst decent buzz and as the early morning shows come to an end, the film has received a mixed response from the audience and reviewers. The comedy and songs are said to be the positive factors while routine story and screenplay are the negative factors of the film. Check out the audience response for Lover movie below.

Stay tuned for more public talk and live updates of Lover.

Lover Preview

What is Lover about?

Raj Tarun had been a successful young hero who delivered consistent hits. Now, after a couple of successes last year, his form seems to have a dip. Now, he is coming up with another comedy romantic entertainer, his third film in 2018, Lover in the direction of Ala Ela fame Annish Krishna. As a Dil Raju production and Raj Tarun's film, Lover has certain expectations to fulfill. 

The story of Lover revolves around a happy go lucky youngster who falls in love with a young doctor. He believes that her initial rejections will fade away with just one incident. As he said, love blossoms in her too. Unfortunately, the girl faces a big problem facing some bigheads. The story of the movie happens in the backdrop of Ananthapuram. Raj Tarun's role is that of an orphan who doesn't want to lose his love just like he had lost his family. 

What to expect from Lover?

Raju Tarun and fun

Raj Tarun made himself a name that his films are guaranteed to give fun to the audience. From what is evidenced by the trailer, Lover is going to be a fun ride. Apart from that, the movie has a solid story in the form of an orphan who fights those who trouble his beloved, who is a nurse. The movie is also said to have a couple of well-composed fight scenes. So, Lover is going to be not just a fun ride, but also a thrilling watch. 

Dil Raju Production

Ace producer Dil Raju is known for his class taste. He involves with all the departments of movie making and makes sure that the final product hits the bull's eye. He had introduced many new and new-age directors in the past and is now coming up with another young director. All this points to be an entertaining movie for this weekend. Also, Lover is the 28th production from Dil Raju's Sri Venkateswara Creations banner with the next generation hope from his family. 

Made by Young generation

Raj Tarun's Lover boasts of a host of talented music directors composing the music for the film. The producer Harshith Reddy is said to have made the film with all his choices as said by Dil Raju in an interview. So, Lover is a production handled by mostly youngsters. keeping in mind that how the young generation is taking Tollywood forward, we can expect this movie to be a great watch. 

Watch this space for Lover review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!