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Love Action Drama Review

U/A Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 26 mins Sep 5, 2019





Love Action Drama Review & Rating


Love Action Drama Review: Fun Watch If You Have No Expectations 

The premise
Love Action Drama is what the title says it is. Just because its director is the son of the man who created an ultimate classic in Malayalam Cinema and used the names of the protagonists in his debut directorial doesn’t mean this film should also be in similar lines. Dhyan Sreenivasan passed off with flying colours when it comes to creating fun factor and is still raw when it comes to infusing emotions into the narration. 
Love Action Drama is all about two characters Dineshan and Shobha. They fall in love. Or to be truthful he makes her fall in love. They have their own personalities and it is around these personalities the filmmaker has woven his story. And the presence of Nivin Pauly and Nayanthara brought both colour and charm. Love it or hate it, Love has action and Drama. In real life. A lot of drama. Right!

Not the Dineshan and Shobha 

Dineshan is a typical Nivin Pauly hero. That may be the reason the director didn’t go much into character study. We have Nivin means we know how he is going to be. And in a festive mood, who needs character study? All we need is fun. Love Action Drama is exactly made to order for this. Dineshan is lazy or to be politically correct laidback. He spends time doing nothing and his family properties help him live his life. And Nayan’s Shobha is a polar opposite like any self-respecting Malayali heroine in this genre. She’s. Just perfect. Nayanthara’s too just perfect. 
Dineshan as he should have, fallen in love with Shobha has to mend his ways and his mission is to impress her father too. All this leads to a lot of drama (not the drama a films screenplay needs) and confusion which results in a few good laughs. How they finally unite is obviously what the film is about. 

Writing and direction

The story of the film is as new as the fact that Himalayas are in the Northern side of India. The narration is solely based on the perception that the audience in a festival mood needs nothing but a few entertaining episodes stitched together. The screenplay deserves a place in every library..., of course leave it. If you keep your expectations in check and just wants a timepass flick with a couple of charming lead actors in it, Love Action Drama is a good choice.                                                                

Nivin Pauly has a flair playing roles like this and he oozes confidence in essaying Dineshan. But none will remember him once they come out of the theatre like his namesake from Vadakkunokkiyantram. Nayanthara delivered her best despite the character has nothing much to write about. She’s gorgeous in sarees and stylish in modern dresses and quite confidence in her screen presence. But bring a Malayali girl, she could have dubbed by herself rather than depending on the voice of others. The lead pair chemistry is sparkling. 

Aju Varghese as Sagar, the friend of Dineshan steals the show with his antics. The combination scenes with Nivin manages to keep your eyes glued to the screens. Mallika Sukumaran is neat in her role as the hero’s mother. Her expressions when our hero express his wish to get married quickly are pure gold. Rest of the actors did well too. A couple of surprises await you. Just discover them yourself. If you watch the film that is. 

The crew
Much is expected of Shaan Rahman’s music. Though good, neither the songs nor the background score are his best. Services the film well though. The cinematography by Jomon T. John and Roby Varghese Raj is colourful and brought vibrancy to the screen. The color palettes are perfect for the mood of the film. Editing is okayish without being jarring. The production design is peppy. Production values are superb. 

Love Action Drama could be forgiven for being not a top of the line debut work by Dhyan Sreenivasan as he has never promised much more than pure entertainment. And he delivered on that. And with a lead pair as charming as Nivin and Nayan, you can give it a chance. A good one time watch if you want to indulge in some fun. Nothing more. 

• Nivin and Nayan Jodi
• Non-complicated proceedings
• Colourful cinematography 
• Story is as new as Kerala history

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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Love Action Drama Live Updates & Public Talk

Audience Response

Love Action Drama released with much fan fare today. It marks the directorial debut of actor Dhyan Sreenivasan and Aju Varghese turning producer. Above all, it the first pairing of romantic hero Nivin Pauly with lady superstar Nayanthara. 

The film has been getting mixed response. The casting has been perfect with Nivin, Nayan and Aju delivering what was expected. The screenplay and music was a huge let down. Shaan Rahman who generated viral hits before has not given his best here. Though the script was not so great, Dhyan had executed it well.  It has visually appealing frames as well.

Altogether it is a entertainer that needs to prove itself by competing with three other Onam releases. 

Love Action Drama Preview

What Is Love Action Drama About?

LOVE ACTION DRAMA, an interesting title which can be shortened to LAD or lad - youngster or young boy. 

After experimenting with an image makeover of sorts, Nivin Pauly is back to his best of strengths. Romance/comedy. Of course, 'action' is also liberally sprinkled in the film it seems. The film alludes to 1989 classic Vadakkunokkiyantram. Interestingly, the director of LAD is the son of the director of the above-said film. Dhyan Sreenivasan makes his directorial debut with this film.

Dineshan and Shobha, two of the most recognized names of protagonists in Malayalam Cinema. Nivin plays the role of Dineshan and Lady Superstar Nayanthara essays Shobha. The movie has an interesting premise with an equal mix of romance, action, and comedy. 

Love Action Drama Promises

The combination of Nivin and Nayan

Nivin Pauly who was last seen in a massy action film Mikhael and Nayanthara who makes her comeback in Malayalam Cinema after about three years (she was last seen in Puthiya Niyamam where she shared the screen with Megastar Mammootty) are the lead actors in this film. Interestingly this is their first on-screen pairing. 

Nivin has a huge following among the young audience and has gained admiration across South India with his previous films. he is known for playing youthful roles and is good at displaying soft motions. Between her last Mollywood appearance and now, Nayanthara has grown to be recognized the lady superstar of Tamil Cinema. While Nivin's role leads the film, Nayan is sure to have received a meaty role. 

Interesting storyline

Few Malayalam film promos have caught the imagination of the South Indian audience in recent times the way Love Action Drama has. It has already been watched by more than 3 million on YouTube. This might have something to do with the lead pair of Nivin and Nayan, the storyline of the film or rather, shall we say, the premise of the film is interesting. 

The main protagonist of the film appears to have shades of Thalathil Dineshan, the hero of Vadakkunokkiyantram. As almost all Malayalam movie buffs know about the film (either you're a kid or is living under rocks in a cave for the last 4 decades if you don't know about this film), and this may give a brief idea of how Love Action Drama is going to be. With the star power t his disposal, Dhyan's task is made easy. Or is it? 

Dhyan Sreenivasan and his team

Actor Dhyan Sreenivasan debuts as a director with this film co-produced by Aju Varghese and Visakh Subramaniam on Funtastic Films. Director Dhyan has a good team with him in the form of Shaan Rahman who composes the musical score. Jomon T. John and Roby Varghese Raj handle the cinematography. Dhyan Sreenivasan himself has written the film. 

Keep watching for Love Action Drama review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!