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LKG Review & Rating


LKG Review: RJ Balaji Shines So Much That Outshine The Flaws In LKG

LKG is probably the most aggressively promoted South Indian movie in recent times. RJ Balaji has left no stone unturned to draw the attention of movie lovers and the result is a 5 AM special show for the movie which is a big deal for a small movie. But as we have seen many times in the past, content matters the most for the success of any film. And many movies which had aggressive promotions failed due to lack of good content. Will LKG join the list of such movies or will it deliver the promises made by the team? We shall find it out in our review of LKG movie.

RJ Balaji plays Lalgudi Karupaiah Gandhi aka LKG - a councilor in a small town who dreams to become the Chief Minister of the state. He is a street smart guy who knows what attracts voters. He teams up with a data analyst Sarala Munusamy (Priya Anand) to attract the voters. After multiple stints and strategies, he becomes a sensation because of a funny song that goes viral. He even makes an appearance on the National TV News Channel in a primetime debate as well. Because of his work he receives an opportunity from the party leader to contest in the constituency of the chief minister who dies after a prolonged hospitalization.

But the toughest task ahead of him is that he has to defeat Ramarajan Pandian (JK Ritheesh) who has a stronghold in the constituency. How LKG manages to defeat him and becomes the Chief Minister forms the rest of the story.

LKG is RJ Balaji's one-man show all the way. He is in fine form and knows exactly how to hide his flaws and focus on his strengths. He is a good writer and a clever actor and that is what exactly is needed for LKG movie. RJ Balaji who also wrote the film uses contemporary politics to evoke lots of fun. He clearly remembers what has happened in the state politics for the last 5 years and uses those references to his advantage. The masses connect very well with most of those references as they are very familiar like the Thala-Thalapathy fan wars, meme makers, Bigg Boss, IPL, etc. It is like a competition between RJ Balaji - The Writer and RJ Balaji - The Actor and we continue to cheer irrespective of the winner.

For the thin plotline, LKG has, the chances were high that the film would've ended up as a dragged political dramas which get preachy. But it is the brilliant and entertaining writing of Balaji and his performance that holds this film together. Also, the intent of the makers is pretty clear and they stick to it till the very intent. We don't see the character tone shifts or unnecessary drama to impress a certain section of the audience. Rather, they focused on satisfying the audience who came to see a light-hearted political drama which the trailer has promised.

LKG doesn't deviate from its theme and that is the beauty of this film. Though there's a romantic subplot, it ends very soon, much to the relief of the audience. The film has songs that come as a part of the film's narration and there are very few scenes like a gay scene which doesn't go well with the audience.

As said earlier, it is RJ Balaji's show all the way. He is extremely brilliant and makes a confident debut as a lead actor. However, there are a few scenes where we feel that he needs a little bit of improvement. Priya Anand gets a complete makeover and nails it as a focused individual. In one of the crucial scenes, he outsmarts the in-form RJ Balaji, that too, effortlessly. Every time she is on the screen, one cannot take eyes off her, thanks to her good looks and powerful screen presence. LKG once again proves why she is one of the most underrated actresses of South India.

LKG is not just about RJ Balaji and Priya Anand. Nanjil Sampath who plays LKG's father delivers a good performance and he is brilliant in one crucial scene particularly. JK Riteesh, Ramkumar, etc play their roles well.

Prabhu sticks to the plot and does his job decently. There are not many flaws in his direction except for some awkward scenes that deserved a better treatment. Leon James music is an added advantage and his background score is fantastic. The dialogues deserve a special mention.

On the whole, LKG is a super entertaining political satire which can't be missed.


  • RJ Balaji's Performance
  • Priya Anand
  • Comedy
  • Writing


  • Few Scenes

Pycker Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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LKG Live Updates & Public Talk

RJ Balaji is a familiar actor who is known for his comedy filled with sarcasm and sattire. The actor turned RJ has made his debut as a lead actor with LKG which is touted to be a hilarious political satire and turns out the film has become one of the best films in the category. The makers of LKG were super aggressive with the publicity so much so that the film had a special 5 AM show which generally happens only for superstars. The audience who watched the film gave a super positive response, praising the efforts of LKG movie team. Check out their response below.

The first half of LKG seems to be high on entertainment with no political party or politician left without being trolled. The audience seems to be enjoying for all the references to Vijay-Ajith fanism, meme makers, pop cultures etc which are very familiar with the Tamil audience. RJ Balaji seems to be in top form with his impeccable comedy timing and Priya Anand is said to have played a well written character with perfection. The first half is said to be filled with some hilarious building the story for an interesting second half.

Priya Anand is receiving a superb response as she nails the looks and performance and RJ Balaji is being praised for his perfect comedy timing. The second half too seems to be as entertaining as the first half with well executed spoofs and references.  Leon James is said to yet another positive factor about the film as his background score elevates the film very well. Check out the latest Tweets about LKG below.

Stay tuned for LKG review and rating.

LKG Preview

What is LKG About?

Lalgudi Karuppiah Gandhi aka LKG for short is a rare political satire with relatively mainstream actors in the lead roles. Right from the beginning, the movie which is positioned as a political commentary on Indian politics and how our politicians behave has been presented with utmost clarity. Take, for example, the dialogue exchange between the hero and the heroine about choosing to save between a (hu)man and a cow.

Right off the bat, LKG is also entertaining for those who don’t know the ABCs in Tamil politics and the current political scenario. Of course, throwing the names of two of the biggest stars of Tamil Cinema and political stalwarts-to-be Kamal Hassan and Rajinikanth, might not make it inaccessible to the non-Tamil audience. But it’s a Tamil film through and through and the satire only Tamilians can make tick. The movie scored brownie points there.

Roping in notes RJ and comedy actor Balaji is a masterstroke without rising expectations and creating good enough buzz. As the release date draws nearer, LKG which also stars Priya Anand, Santhana Bharathi, and Nanjil Sampath has gained huge momentum and if the film is any good, it’s going to make waves at the box office with the general elections ready at hand.

LKG Promises

Scorching Political Satire

As is the won’t with such genre, LKG is a scorching political satire on Indian politics with an obvious focus on Tamil political scenario. The dialogue digs taken at the Gau-Samrakshaks (cow protectors) to the filmy gimmicks giving mileage to the actors in politics etc, cannot be missed with the naked eye. There is even a direct dig on Kamal Haasan and even referring to this film’s main lead. You can become a Chief Minister if you host a show on the TV for 100 episodes.

RJ Balaji in full flow

The antics and the body language on display from RJ Balaji are superb in the film. The movie is in fact spun around his ability to generate humour not just with his dialogues (after all he is an RJ and voice and chattering are his assets) but with his histrionics. He has already proved with a substantial script he can do wonders and with his inherent spontaneity he is unstoppable. He is the one who made Delhi take note of him and try to use him as their trump card. Priya Anand is always dependable be it insensible and simple roles or in the department of comedy.

 Film is written by RJ Balaji and Friends

Those who know Balaji and his natural ability to make fun of anything, have no doubts that the guy and his friends (whoever they are) have done a splendid job. Remember his prank call show Cross Talk? Coming to the director of the film, Prabhu in his directorial debut appears to have done his homework. He has brought the timing right from the artistes from what is evidenced by the trailer. Rest of the departments seems to have done a par for course job for the genre.

Keep watching for LKG review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!