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Lisaa Review

U/A Horror 1 hrs 51 mins May 24, 2019





Lisaa Review & Rating

Lisaa Review: Oh My Shyamalan!

The premise

India's first ever stereoscopic 3D film! For the record, it's okay! But what about the film? At a time when horror films started to irritate Anjali starrer Lisaa comes up not with the promise of an intriguing story or a refreshing take on the genre like Nithya Menen's Praana does. It advertises it as having a 'first ever' record. Let's see if this Raju Viswanath directorial makes an interesting watch and exploit our wallets with Lisaa review. 

Lisaa visits grandparents

Lisaa is a city-bred girl and lives with her mother. She visits her odd couple of grandparents with her friend Jaggu (a villainous name in older movies). The older couple lives somewhere in the Western Ghats (why not?) where we can get a beautiful but spooky looking setting.  

Unlike she expected but as we can guess (this is a horror film, no?) for them she is an unwelcome entity. The grandfather is played by Makarand Deshpande and hence there is something terrifyingly wrong with him. And then there is the customary Yogi Babu (he's being used to the core these days by every filmmaker) and few bland comedy scenes. 

Soon after our protagonists think they are settled to an extent in their home, supernatural incidents occur and Lisaa's life is in danger. What is the reason behind Lisaa's still staying with that blood-curdlingly irritating couple? She wants their approval for her mother's remarriage (bit progressive and bit regressive). How and if she can escape from their house? Will the old couple approve of her mother's remarriage form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

Manoj Night Shyamalan's story is good with a bit of potential but Raju Viswanath's direction is lackadaisical. He failed to translate Shyamalan's story to big screen big time. What's this? Why the maker's not advertised this fact regarding the Oscar-nominated filmmaker's involvement? Okay! Leave it! Okay?

The narration is unintentionally funny and the characters are outright irritating. The film followed all the routine tropes of the genre and The screenplay is a mess. There is not even internal logic (general logic be damned) in the film. All we get are a few scenes with spooky sounds and some weird camera movements. Which we have to think of as horror elements. 

The performances

Anjali did try to get into the character but her role as a 15-year-old young girl doesn't permit her to look the part. Sam Jones as Jaggu is okayish in his role as a 13-year-old boy. Makarand Deshpande is irritating as the spooky grandpa. Rest of the actors (if any) did what they were told to do by the director. 

The crew

The music of the film is mediocre and we have heard the sounds many times. The cinematography is a bit better than other departments. There is no need for 3D in this film. The effects are done competently but the script has nothing to offer. The production design is gorgeous when it comes to locations. The production values are decent. 


Now, coming to the point, Lisaa is a bland remake (or freemake or can we say the basic storyline is lifted?) of The Visit by Manoj Night Shyamalan's which was made on a shoestring budget and went on to gain a cult following among the found-footage fans. At least, Lisaa could have followed that pattern instead of needless 3D. Remember how Ambati Rayudu's 3D joke backfired and stay away from theatres. Happy weekend folks!


  • The film ends within two-hours


  • Better not talk

Pycker Rating: 1 out of 5

Tailpiece: The film could have been a bit better without 3D and even better if it is made like a found-footage genre. Opportunity lost.

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Lisaa Preview

What is Lisaa About?

Lisaa is one more horror film in the long list of this genre films that are coming out of South Indian Cinema for quite some time. But this Anjali starrer has a USP and specialty to boast about. It is advertised as India's first ever stereoscopic 3D horror film. The Raju Viswanath directorial grabbed the interest of the audience with some interesting visuals in the trailer. 

Anjali who plays the title role and her boyfriend go to her grandparent's town. There she experiences paranormal activities. The reason for this and how and if she comes out of the trouble is all the film is about which is quite regular on the surface but the makers promise an intriguing watch. 

Lisaa Promises

A new way to experience a horror film

Horror films have become quite regular in South Indian Cinema. Even Hollywood is releasing dozens of horrors and horror thrillers based on several legends about evil spirits. Though such films are very very rare in Indian Cinema, horror films have become commonplace.

As such the genre has seen several mediocre films and failures. But when told with a fresh take, horrors can still make it tick at the box office. Now, with the promise of stereoscopic 3D and a talented actress like Anjali, Lisaa has gained considerable buzz. If the mouth turns out to be positive, Lisaa can make hey at the box office before bigger releases come out. 


Anjali is one of the highly rated actresses of this generation. The Telugu girl who had made herself a potent force in Kollywood is now a recognizable name in both industries. She had already tasted success with the horror genre. Her presence in the film brought the required weight to the work of a debutant. 

Team Assembled by P. G. Muthaiah

Filmmaker, cinematographer and producer P. G. Muthaiah bankrolled this film on PG Media Works. Raju Viswanath the debutant director has taken the game a notch higher by using 3D for this horror film. Santhosh Dayanidhi composed the musical score and his work in the trailer appears to be decent. The producer Muthaiah himself handles the cinematography for a film the camera plays a huge role. 

Keep watching for Lisaa review, rating, and complete analysis. Be right back!

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