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A Drama Sep 28, 2018





Lilli Review & Rating


Lilli Review: A Gritty Film Made With Gumption

Lilli terrified the audience with its trailer itself. The Prasobh Vijayan's directorial debut is a horror film but with a difference. It depends on the audience concern for the lead character of the film, the sound, and the survival instinct of a pregnant woman rather than on some supernatural force. It is about a heavily pregnant Lilli who is kidnapped and harmed by three men. Her survival forms the rest of the story. 

Samyuktha Menon is not a seasoned actress. She had a cameo in a big project and made herself a name with the recently released Theevandi. That means the actress wasn't even in limelight at the time she signed Lilli. The film took a physical and mental toll on her as she has to wear the prosthetic day in and day out for more than 20 days and had to literally live in a claustrophobic room at the same time. 

Lilli starts when she receives a broken phone call about the accident to her husband. When he goes out, she is kidnapped by three men. They are searching for a girl and this pregnant woman who has a D Day within two days. What is her relation to the girl? Why the men kidnapped her? Is money involved? Who's this mysterious Lilli in the first place? The answers to all these questions form the rest of the story. 

Samyuktha Menon all of two films old did a terrific job as a heavily pregnant woman. She took every care and even spent time in a pregnancy ward to observe the body language and psychology of pregnant women. All these efforts are visible on the screen. She is quite vulnerable in the initial scenes, adorable in the few scenes where she looks happy about becoming a mother, and terrifying as the woman on a mission. She has shown the variations in her character very well. 

The director Prasobh Vijayan who is passionate about cinema has done his homework in presenting the tale of the power of women. How a pregnant woman who is supposed to be at her most vulnerable forges her inner strength to fight off those who try to harm her is narrated in a wonderful manner. But Lilli is ultra-violent in some moments, and not everyone can stomach so much violence. Especially against a pregnant woman. He is a filmmaker to watch out for. 

The cinematography is terrific and the atmosphere is created in an exemplary manner. The music is similarly good. The sounds that are used to create horror are produced well. The production design, editing, and the art direction are all in cohesion with the director's vision. It's a well-packaged film. 

Don't miss this film if you can stomach gruesome violence. 

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Lilli Live Updates & Public Talk

Lilli starring Samyuktha Menon in the lead role grabbed our attention with its intriguing trailer and breathtakingly beautiful posters. The film which is touted to be a violent thriller has hit the screens finally. The initial response from the movie lovers is brilliant as the film managed to impress them with its bold narration filled with lots of violence and bloodshed. Here are some of the Tweets about Lilli movie.

Director Prasobh Vijayan who made his debut with this film seems to have done a near-perfect job in making an engaging thriller with a very thin storyline. Though the amount of violence is too high, the film is said to be very engaging and intriguing making it a unique film in the thriller genre. The only major con is said to be the bloodshed as it might not go well with a few sections of the audience.  Check out the latest public talk of Lilli below.

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Lilli Preview

What is Lilli about?

lilli is a revenge drama on the surface but it has a lot of depth behind its violence. Samyuktha Menon of Theevandi fame plays the title role in this intense thriller. The young actress did one hell of a job in the film as is evidenced by the trailer. This Prasobh Vijayan film kept the audience on the edge of the seat with its remarkable trailer. 

Kannan Nayar, Dhaneesh Anand, Sajin Cherukayil, Kevin Jose and Aaryan Menon complete the cast of this film produced by Mukesh R. Mehta and C. V. Sarathi on E4 Experiments. With the success of Varathan, it can be said that the season of intense thrillers is running in Malayalam Cinema. 

What to expect from Lilli?

Samyuktha Menon performance

Samyuktha Menon's performance in her last film, Theevandi won accolades from the critics and the hearts of the audience. She has impressed once again from the little screen time she had in the trailer of Lilli. Her performance in the title role obviously form the backbone of the film, and we can be sure of a noteworthy addition to the thriller genre with this film like Rima Kallingal did with 22 Female Kottayam. 

An intense thriller

It appears that a pregnant woman is harmed by a few people and she sets out on the path of vengeance to avenge the loss of her child. We have seen many films like this revenge drama in the past, but what separates Lilli from the previous films is the realistic portrayal of the incident and the gritty narration. So, we can expect not just an edge of the seat thriller but also an emotional drama that tucks our heartstrings. The symbolic imagery in the film's poster speaks volumes about the depths of the narration. 

Music and cinematography

Any thriller needs a score worthy of the narration, sometimes to lift the intensity and sometimes to complement the narration. The music by Sushin Shyam exhibited both the qualities in the trailer. It also created an emotion in the audience. The cinematography by Seeraj Raveendran is atmospheric and raw. The images are bristling with intensity and the pain and anger of the wronged woman are visible. 

Watch this space for Lilli review, rating, and complete analysis. be right back!