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Lens (Tamil) Review

Thriller May 12, 2017

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Lens (Tamil) Preview

Lensis a much awaited thriller. Especially movie lovers have been waiting for thismovie ever since it was announced. The film mainly deals with voyeurism. It hasbeen screened at several International film fests and has received overwhelmingcritical reception.

 Itis the most relevant film our times. In the times of the Internet being presentat every corner, ‘Lens’ makes strong comments on how the line between privateand public is getting blurred with each passing day.

 Thefilm has been intriguingly captured by director Radhakrishnan. He tried toconvery the message in most interesting way by choosing ‘online conversation’as the centre of the movie.

 Forsure, the film will give a new perspective on our daily lives which are extremelydependent on the internet. 


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