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Lal Bahadur Shastrii

Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 0 mins Nov 21, 2014
Lal Bahadur Shastrii

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This situational comedy written and directed by Rejishh Midhila is the story about three strangers namely- Lal (Jayasurya)- a simpleton in search for a job, Bahadhur (Nedumudi Venu) - a former panchayath head and a womanizer, and Shasthri (Aju Varghese) - a young farmer who is struggling to get his documents approved by the Government to get a subsidy. The three men happen to meet on a bus while travelling to Ernakulam. During the journey Bahadhur buys a lottery ticket from a boy but doesn’t have change to return. In order to solve the change issue the boy hands over another ticket to Lal and leaves. The trio part ways on reaching Ernakulam. After a few days it is revealed that Lal’s lottery ticket has won a crore of rupees. Lal, Bahadhur and Shasthri join hands in search of the missing ticket. Do they succeed together to find the ticket or not forms the crux of the remaining story.

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