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Lakshmi's NTR Review

U Drama Mar 29, 2019





Lakshmi's NTR Review & Rating

Lakshmi's NTR Review: RGV Is Back As A Filmmaker, Not So As A Storyteller

The premise and caution

Why Babu (if at all) betrayed NTR? The answer to this billion dollar question lies somewhere in between the various versions you hear and whom you choose to believe. Keeping that much tact clear between us, let' see if Ram Gopal Varma as a filmmaker made a comeback or not with Lakshmi's NTR. We are not making any comment on the history as the facts are murky and people are often biased. 

Say, for example, if Ram Gopal Varma makes a similar movie on their favorite leader, the same people who are now supporting RGV take that film too in a similarly enthusiastic manner? Right? A valid point? So, we just stick ourselves only to the cinematic merits of the movie in this review. 

What RGV has shown?

Let's first examine what Ram Gopal Varma has shown on the screen for about two and a half hours. The movie starts with the fateful arrival of Lakshmi Parvati asking NTR, now the leader of the opposition, post the defeat in 1989 Assembly elections, to write his biography. This slowly leads to vicious rumors about her character which also pent up anger among NTR's children who couldn't digest the fact that their revered father is with another woman. 

During the release function of Major Chandrakanth, what turned out to be NTR's final film, he announces that he is marrying Lakshmi Parvat. This leads to upheaval among the party men. NTR's son-in-law, CB, forms a covert power group along with others and bides his time.

NTR brings the party to power once again in 1994 assembly elections and form the government with more majority than ever. The scene then shifts to the infamous so-called backstabbing incident. How CB usurps the power by dividing tha party and becomes the Chief Minister? How the Viceroy incident causes NTR to lose his life in grief for the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

We have all known the story. We also know many versions. What Ram Gopal Varma did was two things. He brought unlimited craze for the movie with the title itself and tried to do justice to it by presenting a semi-authentic version of Lakshmi Parvati's story. He didn't show anything which is unknown as promised, at least he didn't disappoint those who pinned their hopes on this film by showing CB as a scheming villain. Whether it is true remains as an open-end question. 

Another area where RGV succeeded is keeping the audience glued to the seats with dramatic elements in the film. Whatever your political affiliations, you'll have to give it to Ram Gopal Varma for delivering such a tightly told and well-made film in such a short period of time. The narration is slick but incomplete or appears biased depending on which side of the shore you're in. The direction by Agastya Manju and Ram Gopal Varma is top-notch. 


The performances are stellar. Sri Tej is fantastic as CB showing all the cunning and scheming in his expressions as instructed by the director. Vijay Kumar who portrayed NTR is authentic in the role be it the body language or the vocals. The expressions are so perfect that you'll get a feeling that you're watching NTR himself in his last days. 

The screen presence is also imposing. Yagna Shetty is good as Lakshmi Parvati. She has shown the vulnerable side of the lady as required. She excelled as an actress in the scenes where she has to bear with the verbal and physical tirade of NTR's children. Rest of the actors are perfectly cast is the case with all of Ram Gopal Varma's films. 

The crew

The songs are well written suiting the director's vision. The music is also good from Kalyani Malik. The background score is riveting. It elevated the drama that is unfolding on the screen and in creating sympathy for NTR in the final stages of his life. Without knowing, your eyes will get wet. The cinematography suited the brooding mood of the latter part of NTR's life. The editing is sharp. Production design and production scale are apt for the budget spent which is not a fortune anyway. Most of the film is shot indoors. 


Lakshmi's NTR marks the emphatic comeback of Ram Gopal Varma the filmmaker after the debacle of Officer but the same cannot be said for Varma the storyteller. He made a tightly woven film with some top-notch work from the actors and technicians but he failed to show the unknown details to truly drive his point home. You can watch it if you want to. A well-made film we all have to agree. 


  • RGV's making
  • Slick narration
  • Curiosity factor
  • Stellar performances


  • Filmmaking wise negligible but it appears that the narration is biased

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (only for filmmaking)           

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  • Karthik

    29 Mar 19 @ 9:28 PM

  • Aish Akky

    29 Mar 19 @ 2:05 PM

    It's legend biopic story.....

Lakshmi's NTR Live Updates & Public Talk

One of the most controversial movies of the decade in recent times Lakshmi's NTR is also one of the highly anticipated Telugu movies of the year. But not exactly for all the right reasons. After clearing multiple hurdles including a stay order not to show the film in Andhra Pradesh, Lakshmi's NTR finally hit the theatres today. With the special shows in Hyderabad and the US premieres completed, the talk for the movie is positive. Of course, based on the nature of the subject matter and polarizing opinions on RGV, we have to take the talk with a pinch of salt. 

The movie is the tale of wretched human motives and the story of a great man. Powerful performances, incredible direction, and top-notch storytelling is the general consensus from movie buffs. But there are some negative comments which say even for people who hate CBN and TDP this movie is hard to watch.

Keep watching for more Lakshmi's NTR public talk and live updates. Stay tuned!

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