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Lakshmi (Tamil) Review

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Lakshmi (Tamil) Review & Rating


Lakshmi Review: A Tale of An Dancing Wunderkind

The Premise

Films about classical dance and modern dance had come in the past and not new to the millennials. What's new is that a young dance champion getting a chance to act alongside the legendary Prabhu Deva, and dozens of child artists being part of the film. Director A. L. Vijay has come up with an old concept with a fresh new look. He has the Dance King Prabhu Deva on his side and the Dance Queen-to-be Ditya Bhande in the lead. Ditya's dance skills are much talked about after her stunning performances in Super Dancer Season - 1. 

The world of dance

Ditya played the role of a dance enthusiast Lakshmi, to be accurate dance is her passion, whose mother doesn't want her to learn dance let alone participate in the National level competition which is her aim. She loves dancing, and she can't help but dance. On the streets, at the school. In the classes. Literally everywhere where her mother cannot find this. Her headmistress played by the affable Kovai Sarala and other teachers are irritated by this. 

Meanwhile, Lakshmi goes to a cafeteria regularly and become friends with its owner Krishna played by Prabhu Deva in a tailor-made role. He helps her to register for a dance competition where Lakshmi impresses one and all. But unfortunately, Lakshmi fails during a competition due to nervousness. Then Krishna helps convince the judges to allow for another performance. One of the judges puts a condition for allowing Lakshmi for the competition. What is the condition? Will Lakshmi fulfill her dream of winning a national level dance competition, and how will her mother take all this form the rest of the story. 

The star and the star in making

Ditya is a natural when it comes to dances. She is simply stunning. All the scenes where she dances light up the screen. She is the show stealer. She matched Prabhu Deva step to step. Coming to Prabhu Deva, he has a stunning dance sequence in a flashback. He excelled in such role obviously. His friendship with Lakshmi is heart-warming. 

Aishwarya Rajesh is good as a caring single mother who wants her daughter to study well for a bright future. The kids who played the roles of the other dancers, team members and competitors, are superb. Kovai Sarala sparks in the role of the headmistress. And her comedy is as good as usual. Karunakaran as Azhagu, the cafeteria worker tickles our funny bones with his comedic acts. 

A. L. Vijay's direction

The direction by A. L. Vijay is good. Though it's an underdog triumphing against all odd which has been watched a million times, he made sure the narration remains fresh and is ably supported by the young star. The screenplay is good. The ebbs and tides of the narration are maintained very well.

The crew

The music by Sam C. S. is fantastic. the background score is freakish good. The cinematography by Nirav Shah is equally good. He has done a great job in the dance scenes. The editing is smooth and helps maintain the flow of the narration very well. Tthe production values are top-notch. The film feels and looks grand. 


On a whole, Lakshmi may be a regular story but it is aided in a stunning fashion by its stars. Ditya is amazing, Prabhu Deva is good and adds value to the film, and the music and dance numbers are enchanting. You can watch the movie for Ditya and Prabhu Deva's dances alone, but as an added bonus, you get an emotional tale of the triumph of an underdog. 

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Lakshmi (Tamil) Live Updates & Public Talk

Lakshmi is a Tamil musical dance drama starring none other than the Indian Michael Jackson Prabhu Deva. Ditya Bhande, the winner of kids dance reality TV show Super Dancer Season 1, makes her debut as an actor with this A. L. Vijay directorial. What more can we expect from such a film? Glittering dances sequences. With the early and morning shows coming to an end, Lakshmi's public talk is generally positive with the dances and the lead actress, Ditya receiving considerable praise. But the movie is the typical tale of an underdog triumphs against all odds. 

Child actress Ditya's dancing skills and her performance received rave reviews from the early watchers. She is a delight to watch on the screen says the audience and the pundits. The dance choreography, emotions, and the music are receiving special praise. A. L. Vijay's direction is termed as excellent. It seems he bounces back after the debacle with Diya. 

The stunning dance sequences, especially those in the pre-climax and climax sequences keep the audience glued to the screens. The movie is deemed to be the clear pick of the weekend amongst new releases. The decent storyline of an underdog, Ditya's stunning performance mixed with her acting, Prabhu Deva's presence, and right emotions make Lakshmi a watchable fare this weekend. A. L. Vijay's direction also good. 

Watch this space for more Lakshmi public talk, and live updates. 

Lakshmi (Tamil) Preview

What is Lakshmi about?

Directed by AL Vijay, Lakshmi claims to the Kollywood's first dance celebration movie. Featuring the award-winning choreographer turned director-actor Prabhu Deva, Aishwarya Rajesh and Ditya Bhande in the lead roles, Lakshmi is all set to hit the screens on August 24. This Pramod Films production venture is bagged and will be taken to theatres by Trident Arts.

What to expect from Lakshmi?

AL Vijay

AL Vijay is one of the prominent directors who come up with subjects that gives more importance to women characters. Lakshmi marks his third movie with the character name as its title. He is daring and confident in trying out various genres with different themes and filmmaking techniques and Lakshmi is one among them. AL Vijay after trying out his ride in horror comedy and emotional horror thriller has now come to a celebration mode with Lakshmy. The movie is out and out based on Dance and how it has affected the tutor characters.

The Plot

Lakshmi revolves around the 10-year-old school going girl whose ambition is to join a popular dance school and win acclamations. The movie essays her journey along with Prabhu Deva's character Krishna to achieve her goal of winning the country's top dancing championship. The movie is tipped to be a dance drama filled with fun, celebration and lot of emotions and AL Vijay has mastered in blending all these flavours in his movies. Lakshmi will be another golden feather on his hat for sure. 

Prabhu Deva

Lakshmi is based on Dance and it is of no wonder that Prabhu Deva is leading the movie. Prabhu Deva in Lakshmi essays the character Krishna aka VK, a former dancer turned choreographer. This is the second time that Prabhu Deva had collaborated with director AL Vijay and the fans and movie buffs can really expect a whole new level of entertainment from this duo.

Ditya Bhande

The 10-year-old dancing champ who rose to fame for her amazing dancing talent projected in the popular Kids' dance reality show Super Dancer is playing the title character Lekshmi. Shrishti, a trained hip-hop dancer, was also known for her tomboyish look and attitude which definitely had attracted Vijay for roping her on board. The teaser and sneak peeks have really shown glimpses of what is in store for the movie buffs. Ditya Bhande's combination with Prabhu Deva will be the main highlight of Lekshmi.

Aishwarya Rajesh

It is worth to be mentioned that the leading actress in Lakshmi, Aishwarya Rajesh is all set to play an urban woman. She has already proved her calibre and she is definitely one of the finest actresses of Kollywood at present. Aishwarya plays the character of Lekshmi, 10-year-old girl and she is an expert in performing mature characters.

Other Features

This AL Vijay venture has a good lineup of actors performing character roles. Kovai Sarala and Karunakaran are on board to engage the audience with the humour, along with them Salman Yusuff Khan, Chaams, Akshat Singh, Jeet Das and Sam Paul are essaying pivotal character roles.

The technical front includes Sam CS scoring the best tunes and songs for this dance drama, Nirav Shah heads the cinematography and Anthony leads the edits and effects of Lakshmi.