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Kuttanadan Marpaappa Review

U Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 20 mins Mar 29, 2018





Kuttanadan Marpaappa Review & Rating


Kuttanadan Marpaappa which marks the directorial debut of cinematographer Sreejith Vijayan who has earlier wielded camera for Salim Kumar directorial Karutha Joothan is hitting theatres with the tag of a full-on comedy entertainer. The movie stars Kuchacko Boban, Shanthi Krishna and Aditi Ravi in the lead roles while a host of comedy actors lines including Innocence, Ramesh Pisharody, Aju Varghese, Dharmajan Bolgatty form the supporting cast. Here is Kuttanadan Marpaappa review and analysis. 

Rating 3 from  manoramaonline

As the film trains over the first half, the climactic event gives one a jolt and lends a new tone...

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Kuttanadan Marpaapa, as the name suggests, is set in the backdrop of quaint and picturesque Kuttanadu and is about John Paul, a professional photographer from the place and his widowed mother Mary. John Paul is a naive guy who can never really bring himself to express or articulate his feelings towards women. But however one day, with a little help from his mother, he manages to win the heart of Jessie, a BDS student who is the daughter of village panchayat president. Things go smooth and colorful with romance blooming all over until things take different turn leaving John in difficult position and what follows form the rest of Kuttanadan Marpaappa.

Rating 2 from  filmymalayalam

Kuttanadan Marpappa with Zero story and a Patch worked script its a snooze fest in the name of co...

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Kunchacko Boban appears in the role of John Paul while Shanthi Krishna plays the role of  Mary and Aditi Ravi, Jessie. Kuchacko Boban's John Paul has familiar shade and actor puts up a decent and charming performance. Aditi Ravi who plays important role in taking the movie forward has done her best in it. The true show stealers of Kuttandan Marpaappa are Shanthi Krishna and Dharmajan. Shanthi Krishna's Mary is not a mother character we have seen in Malayalam movies; she is fun, happy-go-lucky and brimming with energy. The actress has done a magnificent job in her maiden comedy role. Dharmajan, on the other hand, strikes a chord with the audience in his vibrant attires and retro glasses and every now and then appears on screen to tickle the funnybones with his brilliant comic timing and dialogues. Ramesh Pisharody, the villain of Kuttanadan Marpaappa, delivers an impressive performance. 

Rating 2.5 from  lensmenreviews

Kuttanadan Marpappa is a movie that is watchable for its comedy bits. The frequency of the dialog...

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Kuttanadan Marpaappa is colorful and all suitable for an entertaining watch in this holiday season but it suffers from a badly from the poor script. Director Sreejith Vijayan himself has penned the script for Kuttanadan Marpaappa and while he succeeds in helming what can be passed off as a decent movie, he misses out on too many places as scribe. Aravind Krishna, the cinematographer of the movie, has done an excellent job while the editing and music department offers nothing commendable.

Rating 2.25 from  behindwoods

An average flick with the taste of Kuttanad, this movie is ideal for those who don’t give t...

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Final Verdict: A one time watch for a few good laughs.

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Kuttanadan Marpaappa Live Updates & Public Talk

Kunchacko Boban's latest movie Kuttanadan Marpaappa is hitting theatres today in Kerala. The movie is billed to be a full-on entertainer with some of the finest comedy actors including Salim Kumar, Innocent, Ramesh Pisharody, Dharmajan and Aju Varghese lining up in the cast alongside Shanthi Krishna, Aditi Ravi and Kunchacko Boban in prominent roles. The movie marks the directorial debut of cinematographer Sreejith Vijayan. Check out here how the First-Day-First-Show viewers are finding Kuttandan Marpaappa in theatres.

Looks like this Kunchacko Boban starrer would make a good watch in this Easter-Vishu festival holidays. The initial response from the theatre hints that the movie has a fair share of humor and it is moderately entertaining. So far no negative words have been dropped by the viewers. And going by the theatres responses, the first have of the Kuttanadan Marpaappa is a decent watch with Ramesh Pisharody and Dharmajan Bolgatty stealing the show with some impressive jokes.

Everything about this hilarious tale set in Alapuzha seems quite picturesque and colorful. The audience seems to be quite impressed by Shanthi Krishna's happy-go-lucky character and Dharmanjan's sidekick role as lead protagonist John's best friend. All in all, the first half of Kuttanadan Marpaappa which is tagged to be average by the most viewers, develops into a better watch in the second half and makes the movie an enjoyable entertainer.

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Kuttanadan Marpaappa Preview

What Is Kuttanadan Marpappa Is about?

Kuttanadan Marpappa marks the directorial debut of noted cinematographer Sreejith Vijayan. The movie is touted to be a fun comedy entertainer and revolves around the certain hilarious incidents that happen in the life of John Paul, a local photographer cum videographer from Alapuzha. While Kunchacko Boban stars in the title role as John Paul, the movie features a great line up comedy actors including Innocent, Salim Kumar,  Hareesh Kanaran, Aju Varghese, Ramesh Pisharody, Soubin Shahir, and Dharamjan in the cast. Shanthi Krishna and Aditi Ravi are the leading ladies of Kuttanadan Marpappa.

What To Expect From Kuttanadan Marpappa?

Kuchacko Boban's Stunning Performance

It looks like Kuchacko Boban's evergreen Romeo of the Malayalam cinema. He possesses the same charming persona of a romantic hero which floored a generation through movies such as Aniyathipravu and Niram and we will never get enough of it.  In Kuttanadan Marpappa, Kuchacko Boban dons the role of a jovial and innocent guy John Paul. It would indeed be a treat to watch him carrying off such a role. 

Another Amazing performance From Shanthi Krishna

Veteran actress Shanthi Krishna is making her second outing in Kuttanadan Marpappa after her impressive comeback to the silver screen in Nivin Pauly starrer Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela. The movie has her in a pivotal role and she essays the role of Kunchacko ban's single mother in the movie. Interestingly, her character has a touch of humor and it is the first time actress is taking up comedy. And from the looks of it, the movie has on cards another stunning performance from the actress. Look out for it.

Humor, Comedy And Some Good Laughs

It is with a great line up of comedy actors the movie is hitting theatres. The actors including Hareesh Kanaran, Ramesh Pisharody, Soubin Shahir, Dharamjan, Aju Varghese, Sooraj Venjaramoodu, Salim Kumar, Innocent and Tiny Tom are part of this out-and-out entertainer and the trailer for the movie apparently hits it would be nothing short of a laugh riot.

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