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Kurangu Bommai Review

Drama, Family Sep 1, 2017





Kurangu Bommai Review & Rating


‘Kurangu Bommai’ is an interesting crime thriller which revolves around a father and his son, namely Sundaram (played by Barathiraja), who works for a criminal and Kathir (played by Vidharth), an honest-on call driver. 

Rating 4 from  indiatimes

The tightly-woven plot keeps us hooked for the entire duration while the fabulous performances fr...

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Although Vidharth is the protagonist of the movie, it is Bharathiraj who steals the show. His dialogue delivery and facial expression in intense scenes are an asset to the film. Vidharth, on the other hand, gives his finest performance as an honest driver who loves his dad so much but can’t approve his innocent loyalty to a criminal.

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Kurangu Bommai lacks technical finesse but the film has a tightly knitted screenplay and sol...

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Technically, the film is on par with any other biggie released recently. A crisp edit by Abhinav Sundar Nayak is a big plus point. He has exceptionally managed the tempo of the film with calculated revelations at regular intervals. And Ajaneesh Lokanth’s intriguing background score keeps the audience hooked and makes them anticipate for thrilling elements.

Rating 4 from  onlykollywood

Kurangu Bommai is easily Bharathiraja’s best performance, only next to Paandianaadu. Kumaravel, P...

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On the overall, 'Kurangu Bommai' stands as another cult film of Tamil film industry. 

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Kurangu Bommai Live Updates & Public Talk

'Kurangu Bommai', an intense crime thriller directed by debutant Nithilan has hit screens today. Let's check out what the common public and film critics have to say about the movie. 

From the very first show, the film is garnering a positive response from all over. From critics to commoners, everyone seems to have enjoyed the film alike. It is especially appreciated racy narration without missing the point. The background score and thrilling elements at regular intervals are the major highlights. 


Kurangu Bommai Preview

What is it about?

‘Kurangu Bommai’ is an intense thriller which is centred on the relationship between a father and his son played by P Bharathiraja and Vidharth respectively. It also explores the human emotions such as greed and love.

What to watch?

An interesting story

The film is a hard-hitting suspense thriller tightly knitted on the lines of father-son relationship. The story doesn’t just confine to a typical family drama just because it revolves around a father and his son but sheds light on human greed in the context of money.

Brilliant performances from Bharathiraja and Vidharth

The lead characters Bharathiraja and Vidharth would be seen in meaty roles who go through a series of emotions from the start to end. The trailer assures their top notch performances in the movie.

Several crucial characters

Along with Vidharth, Delna Davis and Bharathiraja, the film also sees many supporting actors in the film like PL Thenappan, Ganja Karuppu and Bala Singh having equally important roles who run the story forward.

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