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Kuppathu Raja Review

U/A Action Apr 5, 2019





Kuppathu Raja Review & Rating


Kuppathu Raja Review: Insipid Narration Played Spoil-Sport

The premise

We have seen it all. One more cliched dialogue but unfortunately, it is the case with G. V. Prakash Kumar's latest offering, Kuppathu Raja. He joins his hands with senior actor R. Parthiepan. The Baba Bhaskar directorial created a bit of buzz before its release with its unusual combination and an air of mystery surrounding Parthieban's role. Let's dive into Kuppathu Raja review to know if the film is worth the ticket price or not. 

The story

Rakesh is the son of a small-time goon who is the righthand man of a local don in a Chennai slum. Rajendran, the don of the five-member gang is like a demigod to the locals as he settles their issues. To a good measure, he is an MGR fan. Like every other hero in these films, initially, the hero, Rakesh, is a happy-go-lucky guy with a devil may care attitude. 

He falls in love with the girl next door, played by Palak Lalwani. His life turns upside down when a tragedy strikes and he is now seeking vengeance on those who killed his father. What happens to his revenge? Who has killed his father? What is Rajendran's role in all this form the rest of the film? 

The performances

G. V. Prakash Kumar is clearly miscast in the role of Rakesh. Though he tried his best to look aggressive and show an unbridled attitude, he appeared artificial in the role. As the pre-release talk said, this is a role for an actor like Vijay or Rajinikanth with a bigger and better setting. Palak Lalwani looked good in the de-glam role and did well enough in the limited role. Poonam Bajwa has nothing to do but a fair bit of skin show. Even Yogi babu fails to evoke laughs. 

But it is Parthieban and M. S. Bhaskar who steal the show. They brought in their experience to the fore and tried to help keep the insipid narration tick. Especially, Parthieban's screen presence and his performance in the action sequences are a stark contrast to Prakash Kumar's role. Rest of the actors did an okayish job. 

The crew

The music of the film is decent. The cinematography is atmospheric and the action sequences are canned well. The editing of the film is good. Certain action scenes are well cut. The production design is authentic. The production values are functional. The visuals are crisp. 

Writing and direction

The writing and direction of the film are pretty average. the narration goes heywire in the second half. The screenplay is unnecessarily non-linear which doesn't add any value to the film. It also follows a set template. The director failed to elevate the drama even in the emotional scenes. 


All in all, Kuppathu Raja has nothing to write about. The movie has a bit of potential to work well but the wrong casting choices and insipid narration took their toll on the film. You can skip it safely and you won't miss out on anything. Better wait for the release on streaming sites or television premiere if you desperately want to watch it for any of the lead actors. 


  • Parthieban and M. S. Bhaskar


  • G. V. Prakash Kumar is miscast in the massy role
  • Below average scripting and direction

Pycker Rating: 1.75 out of 5

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Kuppathu Raja Live Updates & Public Talk

G. V. Prakash Kumar and Parthieban starrer Kuppathu Raja opened to mixed critical reaction. While the movie is praised for the performances and entertainment quotient, the poorly written script and failure in sustaining the interest of the audience till the end are said to be the minus points. A complete engaging first half with romance and quirky dialogue from Yogi Babu gives a boost to the film. 

G. V. Prakash Kumar excelled in a completely different avatar. The dialogues are good. Parthieban and Prakash Kumar combination scenes worked well and will be enjoyed by the common audience. The comedy worked out well with good dialogues. The movie has decent music and the entertainment factor helped it. But all in all, Kuppathu Raja lacks in a novel subject line. 

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Kuppathu Raja Preview

What is Kuppathu Raja About?

Kuppathu Raja borrows its title from the iconic action drama starring superstar Rajinikanth during the early phase of his career. Baba Bhaskar helms this whimsical project which involves slum dwellers and the Chennai underbelly with G. V. Prakash Kumar playing a role which is apt for Rajini himself or Thalapathy Vijay. 

Senior actor and director R. Parthieban plays the rival of G. V. Prakash Kumar's Rakesh. Nothing much has been divulged about the plot of the film except for the introduction of the characters and their attitudes. The question of who is hero and who is villain better left out till the film hit the screens as Parthieban himself has revealed some time ago. There is so much to the story of Kuppthu Raja than what meets the eye. 

Kuppathu Raja Promises

An engaging action crime drama

Obviously, the movie is a crime drama set in a world populated by all sorts of people from the underbelly of society and the unfortunate from the lower rungs of the community. The film also promises to be high on entertainment and a liberal dose of light romance what with a couple of beautiful heroines. Palak Lalwani and Poonam Bajwa play the female leads. The action sequences have a raw feel to them. The violence in the plot is on the higher side. 

G. V. Prakash Kumar and Parthieban

A filmmaker himself, parthieban knows how to up the ante in performance when the situation demands. In what looked like a dreaded but respected gangster, Parthieban seems to be at home. His experience in playing similar roles can be an asset for the film. The action beats involving him have heroic beats. There's also an air of mystery surrounding his role. 

Music director cum actor G. V. Prakash Kumar who is fresh off the success of Sarvam Thaala Mayam plays a role which has a similar vibe to his role in STM but the attitude is a polar opposite. He appeared quite good in this massy role. His youthful energy also helps create a vibrant feel for the role he is playing. 

The director and others

The choreographer turned director Baba Bhaskar is a self-declared fan of Rajinikanth and Kuppathu Raja not just lends its title from a superstar film but also has a similarly powerful storyline. He has roped in Vidyasagar, a senior music director to compose the musical score for this movie. Chella Durai's cinematography seems to be apt for the genre of the movie. With another filmmaker, Susi Ganeshan himself producing this film, we can be sure of having a good choice for the weekend with Kuppathu Raja. 

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