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Kumbalangi Nights Full Movie

U Drama 2 hrs 15 mins Feb 7, 2019
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Director: Madhu C Narayanan

Cast: Soubin Shahir as Saji, Fahadh Faasil as Shammi, Shane Nigam as Bobby, Sreenath Bhasi as Boney, Anna Ben as Baby Mol, Mathew Thomas as Franky

Kumbalangi Nights tells the story of a set of four brothers who live in the Kochi suburban area of Kumbalangi which is situated in the backwaters. Younger brothers Franky and Bonny go well with each other. Bonny is mute. Saji is the father figure of the family which co rains only men. Their father died long ago and their mother left them when Franky and Bobby were kids on a religious mission. 

Saji though is despised by Franky for his temper issues. He often quarrels with Bobby. It may be because Saji is not the biological brother to the other three as their father married the mother who left them on a religious mission. Bobby was her elder son and Franky and Bonny were born due to this marriage. Slowly it is revealed that Saji chronically depends upon his friend Vijay. In the meantime, Bobby falls in love with Baby who asks him to ask her family for her hand in marriage. 

Saji accompanies Bobby to Baby’s home where her brother in law rejects the association based on the reputation of the family and Saji who is known to mooch off Vijay. Saji asks Bobby to look for a job so that at least he could settle with Baby which leads to an argument between Franky and Saji. Bonny who is closer to Franky attacks Saji. Insulted, he goes to Vijay’s place to drink but Vijay softly chides him that he couldn’t always depend on him. Ashamed, Saji tries to commit suicide but Vijay saves him. 

Unfortunately, during the process, Vijay loses his life. Saji is grief-stricken. Vijay is a family man and his wife is pregnant. Out of guilt, Saji brings Vijay’s wife to his home much to the chagrin of Bobby. How Saji mends his ways and if the brothers solve their issues and stand as a family form the rest of the story. 

Kumbalangi Nights received universal critical acclaim and went on to become a blockbuster. The performances of the lead actors and Fahadh Faasil as the brother in law of Baby were well received. Kumbalangi Nights remains one of the best films of Malayalam Cinema in recent times.


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