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Kuldip Patwal: I Didn’t Do It ! Review

U/A Crime, Drama, Mystery 2 hrs 8 mins Feb 2, 2018





Kuldip Patwal: I Didn’t Do It ! Review & Rating

Kuldip Patwal: I didn’t do it! is a film starring Deepak Dobriyal, Raima Sen, Gulshan Devaiah and Parvin Dabbas in the lead roles. It is based on a true story and tells the name of a vegetable vendor named Kuldip Patwal (Deepak Dobriyal) who deals with anger issues and beats people up even if they mildly annoy him. This habit of his keeps getting him in trouble and one day, he is arrested and charged with the murder of the Chief Minister of his state. His lawyer Parduman (Played By Gulshan Devaiah) tries to defend his case but Kuldip refuses to speak. On the other hand, the state lawyer (Played By Raima Sen) will go to any extent to prove Kuldip guilty.

The film also stars Parvin Dabbas as the chief minister while the background music has been composed by Anuj Garg. The film has no songs as the director wanted the story to be told undisturbed and the production value by Rectangle Media is below average and the lack of budget can be seen on the screen.

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This bunch of actors can be a pleasure to watch: just Dobriyal and Devaiah are enough to raise an...

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The film has a talented bunch of actors like Deepak Dobriyal, who has quite a successful list of movies like the Tanu Weds Manu films, Hindi Medium or even Dabangg 2. Gulshan Devaiah who made a promising debut with the film Shaitan and Anurag Arora, all of which are great actors but the script gives them absolutely nothing to do. The story is so bland and unconvincing that even the greatest performance could not uplift the film. Raima Sen, who plays the wife of the dead chief minister is also the lawyer against Kuldip Patwal in the film and her acting seems stiff and indifferent.

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The insensitivity of the film’s simplistic, one-sided take on caste politics is only one of its f...

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Director-producer Remy Kohli has no vision for the film. He uses meaningless time-lapse sequences to make the film seem experimental and interesting but it only annoys the audience. The film keeps going back 14 years, then coming back to the resent and then going back 12 years. This would have worked if those scenes helped in building suspense but they do not. A linear way of storytelling is a better option with a script like this. The production value is very shabby and the fake mustaches too seem over the top.

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Director Remy Kohli could've just bagged the surprise hit of the year, if only this was better ex...

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Verdict: The film is very boring and keeps going way too long than it was actually needed. Can be missed.

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What is it about?

Kuldip Patwal: I didn't do it! is a crime drama directed and produced by Remy Kohli who is making his directorial debut with this film. It stars Deepak Dobriyal, Raima Sen, Parvin Dabaas and Gulshan Devaiah in pivotal roles and is based on a true story. It tells the story of a vegetable vendor named Kuldip (Played By Deepak Dobriyal) who is falsely charged with the murder of the Chief Minister of his state and has to prove himself innocent with the help of his lawyer Parduman Shahpuri (Gulshan Devaiah). Raima Sen plays the opposing lawyer who tries to prove Kuldip guilty of the crime.

What to expect?

  • Great Performances

The film boasts of talented actors like Deepak Dobriyal, Raima Sen and Gulshan Devaiah who have proven time and time again that they have what it takes to get into any role and deliver a powerful performance. With an intense script, a great dramatic performance can be expected by these actors.

  • Intense Drama

As the film is based on a real-life incident that made the news, the film is going to be high on drama and the audience can expect a realistic film watching experience with this movie.

  • Social Commentary

The film provides a social commentary on the difficulties that a common man has to face from the law and justice departments and also the suppression he has to face from the upper class.

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