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U/A Crime, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 0 mins Feb 26, 2016
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Kshanam Story

Director: Ravikanth Parepu

Cast: Adivi Sesh as Rishi, Adah Sharma as Shwetha, Anasuya Bharadwaj as ACP Jaya Bharadwaj, Satyadev Kancharana as Karthik, Amit Sachdev as Commissioner, Vennela Kishore as Babu Khan, Sathyam Rajesh as Inspector Ravi Chowdhary, and Ravi Varma as Bobby.

Rishi hasn’t gotten over his break-up with Shweta. Four years have gone by and he’s learnt to focus on investment banking in San Francisco. Out of the blue, a voice message from Shweta brings him back to India. Her little daughter has been kidnapped and she wants him to help. He is plagued with questions, just as the audience is. Why him, after all these years? The police have closed the file and the husband, Karthik, has apparently found solace in work. There are no calls for ransom and all the roads she’s explored come to naught.

Rishi meets Shweta at a restaurant and learns that her five-year-old daughter Ria is missing. Things go from nein to worse, when none except Shweta, including Karthik, believe that Ria actually exists. He also learns about Karthik's brother Bobby, a drug addict, who regularly visits her home. Rishi begins an informal investigation which fails many a time, also inviting the ire of two Afro-American gangsters in the city. 

Babu Khan, who helps them in transporting drugs, saves Rishi on humanitarian grounds. Posing as Vasanth Khanna, a police officer, Rishi meets Karthik and learns that the couple was childless. Karthik recalls Shweta being attacked by two masked men before a school to steal her car. He added that Shweta went into coma and post recovery started telling that she had a five-year-old daughter named Ria.

Perplexed, Rishi later watches a closed-circuit television video footage of two masked men attacking Shweta on the day when Ria went missing. But, Ria is seen nowhere in the footage which makes Rishi doubt Shweta's mental condition. What really happens to Shwetha? Is Ria's existence is just the result of the hallucinations of Shwetha? And if Shwetha's arguments are true, what happened to Ria forms the rest of the story. 

Kshanam received widespread critical acclaim when released all the lead actors are praised for excellent performances. Adivi Sesh's watertight screenplay received special applause.

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