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Krishnarjuna Yuddham Review

U/A Action, Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 38 mins Apr 12, 2018





Krishnarjuna Yuddham Review & Rating

Natural Star Nani seems to have a Midas Touch. Ever since Yevade Subrahmanyam hit the screens in 2015, everything he touches turns into gold. He is on a streak of 8 successful movies. And the film he produced Awe, an experimental movie, was both a critical and commercial success. It's only that Nani himself is the only competition for Nani. Now, he's coming up with Krishnarjuna Yuddham. There are two Nanis in the movie, a dual role of Krishna and Arjun, this movie promises a lot more than we expect. 

Anupama Parameswaran and Rukshar Mir are Krishnarjuna Yuddham heroines. Produced by Sahu Garapati, Harish Peddi on Shine Screens banner. Merlapaka Gandhi, who previously directed movies like Venkatardri Express and Express Raja is coming up with this mixed genre movie. Nani certainly wants to make it Nava Ratnas with Krishnarjuna Yudham. Let's see if Nani made it 9, and Merlapaka Gandhi delivered a hat trick hit with Krishnarjuna Yudham review. 

Krishnarjuna Yudham story is expectedly about Krishna, Arjun, and their confrontation. Where and how they confront, and why they have to fight forms the plot of this movie. Krishna is a rustic village youth. He tries to woo every girl in the village but fails. He is made fun of this. Arjun is an exact opposite to Krishna. He is a rockstar by profession and a playboy by hobby. As his friend jokes, he can get any girl in line within the time Maggi Noodles are get ready to eat. Krishna's story changes when Riya comes to his village. The same happens when Arjun encounter Subba Lakshmi. Subbalakshni who hates Arjun for his behaviour leaves him in Prague and returns to Hyderabad. Riya was sent away to Hyderabad by her grandfather who doesn't like Krishna. An unexpected thing happens at this time which leads to the confrontation of Krishna and Arjun. The fate of the two love stories, and what is the relationship between Krishna and Arjun form the crux of the story. 

It is not for nothing Nani became the Natural Star. Krishnarjuna Yuddham is certainly one of his greatest performances. The way he had shown the variation for both the roles, Krishna and Arjun is commendable. His dialogue delivery for both characters is impeccable. He is both the Krishna and Arjuna, the deliverer and the delivered for this movie. Merlapaka Gandhi had written a gem of characterisation, and Nani took it to the next level. 

As the rock star Arjun, Nani delivered a fine performance. His body language is authentic.  Nani as Krishna is a powerhouse. Be it the body language, or the dialogue delivery, Krishna character is tailor-made for Nani. Nani's comic timing is amazing as usual. He has a terrific screen presence. 

Anupama Parameswaran is cute as the female lead. Her performance is stunning as expected from this Premam girl. She is a natural. Rukshar Mir did a fine job as the beloved of Krishna. Though the heroines have nothing to do in the second half, they made their presence felt. Especially, Anupama Parameswaran did a memorable job as the girl who hates Arjun. 

Prabhas Srinu as the constable did a superb job. His OTP comedy induced good laughs.  Brahmaji is great as the friend of Arjun. His comedy with Anupama's aunt got a great response. Gagan Vihari as the rival of Krishna did a fine job. Nagineedu gave an authentic performance as village Sarpanch. The lady who played Krishna's mother shined in the few scenes she appeared. Rest of the cast are good. 

Merlapaka Gandhi's screenplay is slick. The parallel narration of Krishna and Arjun and the way he merged both stories by the interval is good. This is a sort of movie if the screenplay is not done properly, the audience may feel they are watching two movies. This is where Gandhi scored well. The dialogues are written well. They go with the flow of the narration. There are two stories in the film. The first half is a perfect romantic comedy and the second half becomes an action thriller. Though the last 20 minutes or the story appear superfluous, it is handled logically. Merlapaka Gandhi's previous movies worked well for their entertainment value. He made sure there is enough entertainment in this movie. 

Hiphop Tamizha music is an asset for Krishnarjuna Yudham. Songs are good both to listen and on the screen. I wanna fly stand out. Background score is first rate. It compliments the narration. The cinematography by Karthik Ghattamaneni is authentic.  Both the urban and rural charm are captured well. The silhouettes in the last song show terrific work he had done. The Arial capture of Prague is done well. Editing work by Satya Giduturi is fine. 

The art department did a commendable job. Locations in the village have rustic charm. The best thing is the work in the Czech Republic. Locations are not selected just for showcasing the foreign country. It feels natural that people like Arjun roam in such places in Prague. Production values by Shine Screen are top class. The movie feels like budget well spent. 

On a whole, Krishnarjuna Yudham is the ninth successful movie on the trot for Nani. The parallel narration of both characters and the scenes where both Nanis appear are handled well. Nani Nata Viswaroopam can be evidenced in this movie. Whenever Krishna comes into the scene, there's only one result. Your eyes will be glued to the screen.  Breezy screenplay added value to the movie. The first half is entertaining with ample comedy. The second half which is in thriller mode is equally engaging except for the unnecessary song in the pre-climax. Krishnarjuna Yuddham is a big ticket entertainment this week. Go and watch this terrific entertainer from Nani and Merlapaka Gandhi. You won't be disappointed even with expectations.

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Krishnarjuna Yuddham User Reviews

  • S

    16 Apr 18 @ 4:05 PM

    Nani is back with another film Krishnarjuna Yudham. The film is just a one time watchable and as there is nothing new. The director had taken the concept of showcasing how the mafia is abducting the girls and exporting to the foreign countries. Though the concept was good director had failed to execute the story well. The first half of the movie was good with some fun elements but the second half was a bit slow and dragging. Nani acted well in both Krishna and Arjun role and the Rukshar Mir and Anupama Parameswaran did justice for there roles. The only plus for the film is Hip Hop Tamizha's music he had did a fantastic job the audio album was already hit and he had given a good background score.

  • Turaga Chaitanya

    23 Nov 19 @ 4:22 PM

    Fabulous movie and I don’t understand why people are telling flop for this like excellent good and nice movie the movie was really fabulous the movie rating deserves 10/10 

  • Jayanth Reddy

    12 Apr 18 @ 6:46 AM


    Best movie of the year , so far

    Nani Performance , heroines performance are Super , Super music

    Best movie

    10 time watchable movie

Krishnarjuna Yuddham Preview

What is Krishnarjuna Yudham About? 

Telugu action comedy movie Krishnarjuna Yudham has Natural Star Nani playing a dual role for the second time in his career. Nani who has delivered eight hit movies on a trot wants to continue his success streak with this summer release. Merlapaka Gandhi of Express Raja and Venkatadri Express fame is directing this movie. The movie is produced by Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi under Shine Screen banner. Hiphop Tamizha composed the musical score for this film. 

The story of Krishnarjuna Yudham revolves around Krishna and Arjun, look alike but seemingly unrelated persons played by Nani. Krishna is a happy go lucky guy from a village in Rayalaseema area. Arjun is a rock star from a foreign country. While the rock star is a ladies' man, Krishna is a rustic villager with a penchant for violence. It is their meeting and the fight that ensues moves the plot of this movie forward. 

What to expect from Krishnarjuna Yudham?

Nani and Nani

Nani's previous movie with a dual role is Gentleman in the direction of Mohana Krishna Indraganti. He has become the care of address for minimum guarantee ventures. Ever since Yevade Subrahmanyam hit the screens in 2015, it seems Nani has forgotten the meaning of flop. With his casual and spontaneous acting, Nani has endeared himself to Telugu audience. His Midas Touch is evident with the success of his production venture, Awe. 

Nani is uber cool in the role of Arjun, the lead of the rock band. Wearing goggles, headband, t-shirt, and a leather jacket Nani as Arjun nails the body language of a rock star. The character of Krishna is tailormade for Nani. For Krishnarjuna Yuddham, Nani undergoes a transformation from his regular flicks. Nani in a dual promises a lot of fun and much more with this double dhamaka in the form of Krishnarjuna Yudham. 

Anupama Parameswaran

Anupama Parameswaran has become a darling of the youth with movies like Premam and Shatamanam Bhavathi. This Kerala beauty is paired opposite Nani for the first time. It seems she got a meaty role in this movie. Her chemistry with the Natural Star will be one of the highlights of this movie.

Merlapaka Gandhi direction

Merlapaka Gandhi announced himself as a first rate talent with his debut movie Venkatadri Express. He further enhanced his reputation with Sharwanand starrer Express Raja. Non-stop entertainment is the hallmark of his movies. From what we have seen from the trailer, Krishnarjuna Yuddham is sure to be an excellent entertainer mixed with intense action. 

Hiphop Tamizha music

Hiphop Tamizha team is a sensation in Tamil Cinema. Their music for Ram Charan movie Dhruva won the approval of the Telugu audience. The songs composed by them for Krishnarjuna Yuddhmam got a positive response. The song Dhaari Choodu with a Chitrore dialect and mass beats is a hit among the listeners. I wanna Fly and Urime Manase songs are good. Lyrics in Ela Ela song given by Sri Mani have great depth. 

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