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Kousalya Krishnamurthy Review

Aug 23, 2019





Kousalya Krishnamurthy Review & Rating

Kausalya Krishnamurthy Review: A Well-Made Sports Drama Deserves All Attention

The premise

Sports dramas have been following the same template from time immemorial. Let's say, there is an underdog or a highly talented but underrated player. He/she struggles to make a mark and prove themselves in the national/international arena. They get virtually no support from their family/society. During the journey, they would be encouraged by an ex-coach/player who has a dark past which ended in failure. Kausalya Krishnamurthy is also the same. 

But what separates it from the rest of the genre films is it is not just about the sport (cricket in this case) but also about the plight of the farmers. The official Telugu remake of the critically acclaimed Kollywood sports film Kanaa, Kausalya Krishnamurthy directed by Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao who is an expert in remakes. Let's check if this film receives similar love from the audience with Kausalya Krishnamurthy review. 

Story of Kausalya and her dream

Kausalya is a young girl from a village in the rural Teluguland. Her father Krishnamurthy is a farmer and like every other Indian, he loves cricket. India loses to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the 2007 Cricket World Cup and crashes out of the tournament in the first round itself. Kausalya watches her father secretly weeping for this loss. Then and there, she decides to become a cricketer and play for India one day and win the world cup for her father. 

But being a girl she faces several natural obstacles. Her mother who is the dominating person of the family doesn't approve of it. The village has no girls who play cricket like it was unheard of in Haryana girls wrestling in the film Dangal. If she has to play cricket, she has to play with boys. After evading her mother and convincing the boys' group, Kausi as she's called starts to play cricket much to the chagrin of her mother and other villagers who mock her. But her father silently supports her. 

As she grows up, it is understood that she is the only competent female cricketer in the entire district. In the meantime in a parallel plotline, her father's travails as a farmer are shown. He slowly falls down into debts and faces several problems. The rest of the story is about how Kausalya becomes an international cricketer and fulfills the dream of hers and in turn her fathers, and how Krishnamurthy's troubles as a farmer end. 

Writing and direction

Anuraja Kamaraj who directed the original has come up with a formulaic but grounded narration. He concentrated more on how a girl faces discrimination in rural areas if she chooses to play a male-dominated game. Around the same time, instead of making her father's role a caricature, he brought depth to it and has given a separate plotline. He also acknowledged the problems faced by the farmers and explored the reasons behind it rather than given a token nod. 

This has made the generally predictable film gain more intrigue. The emotioned worked out very well and we laugh with Kausalya and Krishnamurthy and we feel their pain and we elate with their triumph in the end. The narration is pretty similar to the original and several scenes involving Sivakarthikeyan role are used from the original. This is where we get a feeling of watching a dubbed film. Apart from this, the nativity issues are neutralized by Rajendra Prasad's presence. Bheemineni's direction is adequate. 


Aishwarya Rajesh who won awards and rewards for her performance as a female cricketer once again nailed the role. Her chemistry with Rajendra prasad worked ut so well that we feel that they are really a real-life father and daughter. While Sathyaraj's character in Kanaa was that of a protagonist, Rajendra Prasad's in this film is that of a principal supporting role. 

Jhansi who played Kusalya's mother is extremely good. Her scenes in the combination of Rajendra prasad came out very well. both these veterans brought their experience to the fore. Vennela Kishore is wasted in an unnecessary comical role. So is the case with Shathamanam Bhavathi Mahesh. They are added to the film as known Telugu faces. Sivakarthikeyan's footage from the original seems o be used as-is and he is good in an emotional role as an international cricket coach who helps Kausalya. 

The crew

Dhibu Ninan Thomas' musical score is terrific. The cinematography by B. Andrew is first-rate. The cricket scenes are canned very well. The editing is neat. The production design is decent. So are the production values by Creative Commercials banner. Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao should be commended for not adulterating the original with unnecessary additions. The runtime is crisp. 


Kausalya Krishnamurthy is a Telugu remake of a film which was not a popular Tamil film among the Telugu audience. It is a well-made crowd-pleasing sports drama which also sheds light on the plight of the farmers. Backed by the masterful performances of Rajendra Prasad, Jhansi, and Aishwarya Rajesh alongside the electrifying cameo by Sivakarthikeyan, the film deserves a better release window. Bad move on the part of the makers to release this film just a week before Saaho. Go and watch it. 


  • Characters have depth
  • Blending of farmers issues with sports drama is done organically
  • Stellar performances
  • Excellent work by the crew


  • As a portion of original film footage is reused the film gives vibes of a dubbing film. 

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5

reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Kausalya Krishnamurthy is the remake of well-reviewed and well-received Tamil sports drama kanaa. The Aishwarya Rajesh starrer blends the rise of a young cricketer and the problems faced by farmers in rural India and makes for an intriguing watch. The movie opened to positive response all over with certain comments like a better release window would have helped the film to make an impact. Aishwarya Rajesh and Rajendra Prasad's performances are praised so is the direction of the film. 

The first half of the film is said to be too good and sets up for an interesting second half. Kausalya Krishnamurthy is not less than any International standard film. WOW, an outstanding film with power-packed emotions. complete family entertainer with heart touching message...Yes, Farming and Farmers should utmost care... All in all. Kausalya Krishnamurthy is a crowd-pleasing sports drama. 

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