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U Drama, Romance 2 hrs 35 mins Jul 14, 2018





Koode Review & Rating


Anjali Menon film Koode has finally hit the theatres. The rush to the theatres for the FDFS show alone is enough to tell the audience have been on a countdown for the day since time. The biggest USP of Koode is Nazriya. The actress is making a comeback after her 4 years long hiatus. Starting from Prithviraj, Parvathy, Renjith, and Roshan Mathew to Littil Swayamp and Raghu Dixit, Anjali Menon has gathered a wonderful coup which has piqued the anticipations of the viewers. So here what Koode is all about.

Set in the misty landscape of Ootty, Koode tells the story of Joshua played Prithviraj. Joshua who works in Dubai returns home to a bereaving family. He is given the room of Jenny, his little sister who light up Joshua's life and everything else about this beautiful film which narrates the story of the transformation of a man desolate man torn between duty and love and of those around him. 

Surprisingly, Koode is the official adaptation of Marathi filmmaker Sachin Kundalkar. But Anjali Menon has brought it with a flavor of her own which is incredibly delightful and moving. Although Koode is nothing like her previous directorial Banglore Days and writing venture Ustad Hotel, it does have the essential Anjali Menon touch when it comes to depicting relationship. The detail and sensitivity with which Anjali Menon sketch her characters and their relationships are what works for this film which is undoubtedly one of best Malayalam family dramas of the recent years.

The characters in Koode are convincing, there is no element of bogus about them. And the actors put forth an equally convincing performance. Whether it is Prithviraj, Nazriya or Parvathy who plays the lead roles, or Renjith, Pauly Valson and Atul Kulkarni, they all live up to their given characters. Raghu Dixit's wonderful music and Littil Swayamp's incredibly brilliant frames bring in more life to this film which, despite the little lag in parts, touches the heart of the audience.

Final Verdict: Koode is one wonderful treat for anyone who loves moving stories filled with goodness.

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Koode Live Updates & Public Talk

Koode is indisputably one of the most awaited Malayalam movies of the year by all kinds of movie-goers. The film which has Nazriya Nazim who is making a comeback to the silver screen as its USP, marks the next directorial venture of popular Malayalam woman filmmaker Anjali Menon. The presence of Ennu Ninte Moideen duo Parvathy and Prithviraj and director Ranjith in the pivotal roles are another major highlight of Koode. Let's look at the initial reaction this Anjali Menon movie is winning at the theatres.

Looks like Anjali Menon is here to make it big at the box office yet again. The initial reports from the audience are highly positive. It looks like, Koode, despite the lag in places, manages to impress the audience a great deal right from the beginning. It is excellent reports for Nazriya Nazim's and Prithviraj's performances. Nazriya likely to make her return a memorable one.

As you can see, Koode has opened to highly positive reports from all-over. Anjali Menon has crafted nothing short of a treat for the family audience. As per the audience reactions, Koode would be a massive comeback for Nazriya as well as Prithviraj who has been on a low recently. The feedbacks are positive for other actors including Parvathy and Renjith too. Cinematographer Littil Swayamp and musicians Raghu Dixit and M Jayachandran is also being showered with great words by the viewers. Here are

Interestingly, it turns out Koode is the official remake of 2014 Marathi film Happy Journey written and directed by Sachin Kundalkar. Interestingly, Koode team successfully kept it under tight wraps till the film hit theatres. Anyhow, the film seems to have struck a chord with the audience and it is likely to take over the box office for the next few weeks.

Koode Preview

What Is Koode About?

Koode is a feel-good drama from director Anjali Menon, the woman who has carved a niche for herself with helming movies such as Manjadikkuru and Bangalore Days and penning the popular Anwar Rasheed film Ustad Hotel. The film marks the return of young Mollywood actress Nazriya Nazim who stars in a pivotal role alongside Prithviraj and Parvathy. Filmmaker Ranjith, Maala Parvathy, Siddharth Menon, and Roshan Mathew handles other important characters in Koode which is produced by Ranjith's Rajaputhra Visual Media. 

What To Expect From Koode?

Nazriya's impressive comeback

Young actress Nazriya Naseem who has been on a hiatus from the big screen after her marriage with actor Fahadh Faasil is making comeback in Koode. The film has her in the role of Jenny, an adorable and doting sister to Prithviraj's character Joshua. The makers of Koode had unveiled a welcome back song featuring Nazriya and the reception it received is enough to show how awaited is the movie by her fans in Kerala and the neighboring states. Watch out for an impressive and lovelier performance from Nazriya.

Prithviraj-Parvathy Duo

Koode marks the third on-screen association of Parvathy and Prithviraj, arguably one of the best lead pairs in the industry, who showcased commendable chemistry in the 2015 romantic drama Ennu Ninte Moideen and the recent release My Story. Koode has the actors as Joshua and Sophie. Although Anjali Menon has kept the storyline under tight wraps, from the video songs it is apparent that actors paired opposite to each other and shares a refreshing chemistry. 

Beautiful And Mellifluous Songs

Koode, interestingly, comes with six soulful songs which are a treat to both the ears and eyes. While popular Indian singer and composer Raghu Dixit has composed 4 songs, two soulful melodies in the film are set to tune by Malayali music lovers all-time favorite M Jayachandran. Rafeeq Ahammed's poetic and touching lyrics also adds charm to these tracks which are over 4 minutes in length.

Littl Swayamp's Appealing Frames

Littl Swayamp, the man behind the picturesque frames in Parava, is wielding the camera for Koode. The film is set against the scenic beauty of Ootty and the video songs attest that it would be nothing less than a visual treat.

Watch out this space for Koode movie review.