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Kolaigaran Review

U/A Crime, Drama, Thriller 1 hrs 50 mins Jun 7, 2019





Kolaigaran Review & Rating


Kolaigaran Review: Vijay Antony's Devotion Is Rightly Justified 

The premise

Kolaigaran comes out as a breath of fresh air in Tamil thrillers which have mostly been successful with human stories and tight narration’s with some well concealed surprises. Here the film has a murderer played by the impassive and poker faced Vijay Antony and the investigative officer is senior action hero Arjun. With both their personalities playing out, the movie needn’t establish the characters much which benefited the pacing. 

The known story

The movie starts on a familiar note. A murder. A couple of suspects. But an intruder comes out and identifies as the murderer. And the police are in a state of confusion. Multiple options as to how the crime is committed are given and the investigator and in turn us the audience have to change our perspective. Karthikeyan is a senior police officer who is investigating the murder of an I identified man who is later found to be a relative of the state’s minister. 

A daughter and mother pair are suspected initially as they are involved with deceased. But to the surprise of everyone, a man named Prabhakaran comes out and surrenders to the police saying it’s he who killed the man. But after further investigation, the police officer with guidance of his senior funds that something is amiss. What’s the real truth and who actually killed the man and what is the motivation form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

Yes! You guessed it right! Kolaigaran is similar to Kamal Haasan’s Paapanashan which is an official remake of Malayalam classic Drishyam. But the basic element of evading the sense of reality and manipulation of perception is lifted out of Devotion if Suspect X written by renowned Japanese author Leigh Higashino. 

Both Drishyam and Kolaigaran exploited the same element from the novel but in two entirely different ways. Is it right? For the current film, director Andrew Louis accepted beforehand that he used some inspiration from Devotion of Suspect X. As for the writing of this film, the director directly jumped into the investigation mode immediately which reduced the runtime and helped keep the movie tight. 

The performances

The movie expectedly plays on emotions and our perception of reality. And it is helped by the casting. Vijay Antony is the name that comes to our mind when it comes to characters like Prabhakaran but it is pitting him against Arjun is a master stroke. Vijay Antony’s impassive and passively aggressive acting suited the role of Prabhakaran to the T. Arjun is a master in playing such roles and is all intelligence. Nasser is terrific as Arjun’s senior. Ashima Narwal and Seetha are competent in their roles. 

The crew

The songs come out as a fly in the throat. But they are good on an individual level. But it is the background score by Simon King is out of this world. The way he used the theme music in various situations is masterful. The cinematography is neat. The editing is very sharp and the movie runs at an optimum pace. The production design is okayish. The production values are excellent. 


Kolaigaran is one more top class thriller to come out of the stable of Tamil directors. Andrew Louis masterfully blended all the elements that are required to make a thriller tick and cleverly used the personalities of his protagonists to perfection. The interval reveal is near and the climactic revelation is convincing. You can watch this film for multiple reasons and it also warrants multiple viewings for how well the film is made.


  • Strong base story
  • Arun vs Vijay Antony
  • Tight narration
  • Satisfyingly good climax


  • Movie isn't original
  • Songs come outat wrong places 

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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Kolaigaran Live Updates & Public Talk

Music director turned Actor Vijay Antony who made himself a force to be reckoned with with different sort of films has slowed down a bit with his last few releases. Though his previous film Thimiru Pudhichavan scored well with a section of the audience, it failed to give him the commercial success. Now, co-starring with senior action hero Arun, he comes up with a murder mystery thriller Kolaigaran. The movie opened to generally positive response from the critics and the audience. 

The movie is said ro be a different version of Drishyam which is remade in Tamil as Papanasham. Kolaigaran is an intense thriller which is carried by Arun on his shoulders and Vijay Antony too did a fabulous job. Apart from these, the background score is unanimously appreciated. The wontons in the first half are said to come as speedbreakers to the otherwise tight narration. 

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Kolaigaran Preview

What is Kolaigaran About?

Vijay Antony has been on a back foot for sometime as most of his films failed to gain traction at the box office. But still he maintains his hold on the audience as his films are generally thought to be intense and have interesting subject matter. Now, he makes his killer move in the search for the elusive hit. 

There is a lot if information revealed in the trailer without losing the suspense and mystery factor. Prabhakaran is a killer who is being interrogated by police officer Karthikeyan. It is also revealed that Prabhakaran has been on a killing spree and the reason is a girl whom he loved. Is it a b-grade gratuitous psycho killer film or a classy intelligent thriller? If the movie works out like Vijay Antony’s early films like Naan, Kolaigaran will remain a memorable outing for all parties involved. 

Kolaigaran Promises

A killer of a film

Psycho killer and serial killer stories are always creates an intrigue among the audience and Tamil Cinema has produced several memorable films in the genre. Almost all of them have stars and have become classics. The recent example being Ratsasan. With a serial killer who is always a step ahead of the police and an actor like Arjun playing a police officer opposite Vijay Antony’s Kolaigaran (means Killer), the film has an unlimited potential. 

There are several hints in the film that all this is happening in the thoughts of the protagonist. Is it all the result of his hallucinations? Or is he misleading the police with his intelligence. He also promised that he will kill any number of people if the need arises. All for the sake of a girl. Is the girl real? Is his love real? Has the girl survived his passion? All questions. And Kolaigaran promises an intriguing thriller this weekend. 

Vijay Antony vs Arjun

Senior hero Arjun is known for his authentic portrayal of police characters. Here, in Kolaigaran, he will be seen as an investigation officer who faces his most challenging case yet. Prabhakaran is his nemesis. It’s an interesting matchup with Vijay Antony is also known for very intense characters he has played. The music director turned actor has carved a niche for himself and always play roles that enhance his limited strengths. 

Andrew Louis and his team

Andrew Louis has made his debut with the 2012 film Leelai which was a success has to wait for a time to come up with his second film. He seems to have nailed the genre and actors with Kolaigaran. As Vijay Antony decided not to multitask, Simon King has has been roped in to compose musical score. He seems to have given an intriguing score pertyto the genre. The cinematography by Mukesh is atmospheric. Diya Movies which bankrolls this film seems to have left no stone unturned to give a thrilling experienced or the audience. 

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