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U Drama, Political, Thriller 2 hrs 20 mins Oct 28, 2016
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Kodi Story

Director: R. S. Durai Senthilkumar

Cast: Dhanush as Kodi the elder brother and Anbu the younger brother, Trisha Krishnan as Rudhra, Anupama Parameswaran as Malathi, Saranya Ponnavan as Kodi and Anbu's mother, S. A. Chandrasekhar as President of Opposition party and Former CM, Vijayakumar as Chief Minister of state, and chairman of ruling Kudiyarasu Kazhagam, and Kaali Venkat as Bhagat Singh (Kodi's friend).

The story of Kodi revolves around Kodi and Anbu, twin brothers, and Kodi's girlfriend, Rudhra. For Kodi, politics has been a part of his life ever since his birth. His father Murugan, a low-rung party worker, brings him up to become a politician, before setting himself on fire, protesting against a factory whose toxic mercury waste has ruined lives in the locality. Kodi’s identical twin, Anbu, is a contrast to his rough-and-tough brother. He is a college lecturer and a pacifist.

Kodi has adopted Bhagat Singh as his assistant. Rudhra belongs to the ruling party and has been in politics since childhood like Kodi. One day, Kodi comes across an egg-seller, Malath. Her eggs are broken by Kodi accidentally. When she chases him, she comes across Anbu and mistakes him as Kodi. She fights with him until the misunderstanding is solved. Anbu falls in love with Malathi. Malathi tells him of the pathetic condition of her village due to the factory's mercury waste. Anbu tells Kodi about this. 

This was the same thing for his their father sacrificed his life. Now, the task befell upon Kodi. But Kodi has some internal enemies who don't want him tread those waters. How Kodi solves the problem of the village and gains political standing form the crux of the story. 

Kodi received generally positive reviews from the critics. The engaging political drama, Dhanush and Trisha's performances gained quite a number of brownie points. The movie became a commercial success riding on the stardom of both Dhanush and Trisha. The Telugu version of the movie Dharma Yogi did quite well too.

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