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Kodiveeran Review

U/A Action, Drama, Family 2 hrs 35 mins Dec 7, 2017





Kodiveeran Review & Rating


Muthaiah and Sasi Kumar delivered super hit 'Kutti Puli' when they teamed up for the first time and ever since their second project was announced there's been a lot of buzz around this project. The trailers and posters of Kodiveeran promised of a mass entertainer in a rural backdrop, whether the movie lived up to the hype? Let's find out. The story is about three brothers and sisters and their bonding. What happens when one of the sisters Parvathy (Sanusha) takes a life-changing decision and how Kodiveeran (Sasikumar) holds the family together and fights out with rivals forms the crux of the story.

Rating 3 from  kalakkalcinema

The movie begins with an emotional flashback and picks up pace towards interval. Dwelling on fami...

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Performances wise Sasikumar as Kodiveeran steals the show with his perfect slang of South Tamilnadu and mass avatar. He impresses in emotional and action sequences and did complete justice to his role. Mahima Nambiar is good in her role and performed well within a limited scope and Poorna impresses with her new look and she performed well as her role has got enough scope for performance. Pasupathy does a fantastic job as a menacing villain and impresses in most of the scenes.

Rating 2.25 from  top10cinema

Basic premise is completely based on the clashes between the heroes and villains. After a certain...

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Muthaiah is known for his village dramas and this time too he has come up with something that is in his comfort zone. He has written the script that impresses the mass audience in rural areas and in that aspect he was successful. But for the multiplex audience, the film gets loud at times and is irritating. NR Ragunathan's music is okay and few songs composed in the folk genre impress the masses. Cinematography by SR Kathir is good and he manages to capture the rural areas very well. Production values of the film are decent.

Rating 3.5 from  dekhnews

The movie is based on great action and drama work. We are sure that you all are going to love thi...

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Verdict: Decent rural mass entertainer with a few flaws.

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Kodiveeran Live Updates & Public Talk

Kodiveeran is a village drama featuring Sasikumar in the lead role and after multiple postponements, the film has hit the screens today. The trailer has created a lot of buzz for the movie and is expected to be another rural mass entertainer. Take a look at how the audience are reacting to the film.

As the first half is completed in many theatres the audience are tweeting about the movie during the break. The first seems to be slow initially and with a well executed interval block. Check out the latest Tweets.

As the noon shows come to an end, the movie is getting positive response from the critics and the audience. The performance of Pasupathi and the lead actors are being praised. Sentiment scenes between brother and sister are said to be one of the major plus points of the film.

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Kodiveeran Preview

What is it about?

‘Kodiveeran’ is a film starring Sasikumar, Mahima Nambiar and Poorna and is directed by Muthaiah. The film is also produced by Sasikumar while the music and background score has been composed by NR Rangunathan. It tells the story of a brother and sister relationship based in a village.

What to expect?

  • Village based drama

Just like his previous films ‘Komban’ and ‘Kutti Puli’, director Muthaiah brings another village based drama film that focuses on the relationship of a brother and sister.

  • Intense and Realistic Action

‘Kodiveeran’ marks the second time that director Muthaiah is working with Sasikumar as they had previously worked together for ‘Kutti Puli’. This film too promises to be a mass entertainer with realistic action scenes.

  • Good Music and Background Score

The music and background score composed by N.R. Rangunathan compliments the visuals of the film perfectly which makes it a treat to watch for the audience. The songs which are composed in folk genre became a huge hit and a neat background score elevating the proceedings is expected in the movie.