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Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Review

U Action, Comedy, Thriller 2 hrs 35 mins Feb 21, 2019





Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Review & Rating


Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel- A decent entertainer

The lawyer perfect with a defect

Dileep is wearing the lawyer's gown after nearly 10 years after the critically acclaimed Passenger. The catch here is that this lovable lawyer is an underdog and cannot mouth fiery dialogues and take the court by storm. He has speech impediments.

The story

Our protagonist, Advocate Balakrishnan aka Balan, is a struggling lawyer who could not reach great heights in spite of being sharp and shrewd, the necessary qualities of an efficient lawyer. But, he is sidelined due to his speech issues. His sober life goes in for a toss when he is bobbled into a larger controversy and his life takes a turn. His meeting with a woman during the course of a case becomes the turning point in his life.

The first half of the movie is filled with many laughter elements. At times, just for the sake of humor, several cliched dialogues pop up and they are outright cringe-worthy. But it is light -hearted and moves ahead with interesting twists and turns. But the same cannot be said about the second half. There is a desperate attempt from the director to wrap up the film with a punch. The narration tries hard to keep up the pace in the second half. However, the climax is the saving grace in a lack-lustre second half.


Dileep, as always, had perfected roles that demand being physically challenged. He has effortlessly got into the skin of the distraught vakeel. His body-language and dialogues show the calibre of the actor without being a caricature. Kudos to veteran actor Siddique. He has stolen the lime-light by playing a not-a-role model-kind of dad role who is at his wittiest best under the influence of drugs and other substances. Aju Varghese comes and leaves just to provide humor for the sake of it. There is no much scope for other actors to perform that deserves to be mentioned. 

Technical Side

Direction- B Unnikrishnan's narration lacks both the punch of a thriller and the feel-good elements of a full-fledge comedy. There is a desperate attempt to package it as a thriller, drama and comedy entertainer.
Cinematography- Akhil George has given beautiful frames and the picturisation is note-worthy
Music- Music was handled by both Rahul Raj and Gopi Sunder. But other than Then Mathiye song from Rahul Raj, music is an average fare.

To sum up, it is a one-time watchable entertainer.

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  • Manish

    28 Feb 19 @ 1:47 PM

  • Manish

    28 Feb 19 @ 1:47 PM

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Live Updates & Public Talk

Dileep made a strong comeback with Ramaleela in 2017 after a small gap. But his only release in 2018, Kammara Sambhavam failed to strike big at the box office. Now, he has teamed up with B. Unnikrishnan for Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel in which he plays a lawyer. The film is carrying a decent buzz after the promising trailer and it has hit the screens today. Let's see what the audience have to say about the film.

The first half of Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel seems to be very entertaining but the initial few minutes to be not very well written. However, the screenplay is said to be well written with a good dose of laughter, emotions, and drama. Siddiqui has received a superb response for his role while Dileep is said to be okay playing the role of a lawyer. The pre-interval sequences seem to be very thrilling with the right mix of suspense. Overall, the first half has received a decent response from the audience while making them eagerly wait for the second half.

After the decent first half, the second half is said to be equally good with Dileep leading the show from the front. Though the narration is not as good as the first half, the climax seems to have made up for it. Had Unnikrishnan taken a lot more care while writing the second half, it would've been a sure shot winner at the box office. Now, with an okayish second half, Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel would end up as an average fare. Dileep and Siddiqui are however being praised for their superb performance, check out the latest Tweets below.

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Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Preview

What is Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel About? 

B. Unnikrishnan who has been lately a known name among the thriller buffs has been coming up with an entertainer. Not just an ordinary comedy thriller, it’s with a bit of difference. The movie stars senior actor Dileep as a practising lawyer. The film Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel chronicles the adventures of this man. So, what’s so special about this guy? Pretty ordinary eh? Maybe or maybe not. But the twist here is Advocate Balakrishnan aka Balan has stammering issues. 

This is also the first such role for Dileep in over a decade. He played the role of an advocate in the 2009 thriller Passenger directed by Ranjith Sankar. Also, this is not his first film where the role he plays has some physical challenge. The versatile artist who is lately mired in several controversies has been on his comeback trial and wants to prove at least is is still a bankably good actor. 

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Promises

A thriller comedy with a difference

Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel is expected to be a a bit toned down thriller as far as we gathered from the trailer and other promo materials. But with Unnikrishnan you never know what to expect and some natural humour may be expected in the film. But what’s more intriguing is the movie has a lawyer as a protagonist and ironically he has stammering issues. Whether he can storm the court by overcoming the disability or physical challenge or work around the problem to make a success at the court makes for an intriguing watch. 

Dileep as Balan 

Dileep, let’s think about him purely as an actor for a few minutes, is a versatile artiste. He has played a wide variety of roles despite his being typecast as a hero with comical/lighthearted touches. We have seen him playing differently abler persons in films like a dead mute man as far back as in 1998 in the film Punjabi House. 

As recently as in 2012, he played the role of a woman in the film Mayamohini. If a proper role is given to him, he is sure to make it work like the best in the business. Playing the role of Advocate Balakrishnan with speech issues (stammering) is a happy hunting ground for this man. All he needs is a strong story and some intriguing elements to take it to the next level. 

Mamta Mohandas

Interestingly in the previous film where Dileep was seen as a Vakeel, Mamta Mohandas played the female lead. Now it seems to be an encore for this pair in Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel. Her role surely has substance and the majority of the plot revolves around her character with our man Balan taking up her case which instigates the entire intrigue in the film. That these two actors teaming up even after 10 years show their longevity and loads of talent. We can expect some power-packed performance from Mamta also. 

Unnikrishnan and his team 

B. Unnikrishnan’s last film Villain is recorded as the first Indian film which is shot in 8K. Known for his strong visuals and thriller content, Unnikrishnan teams up with Viacom18 Motion Pictures for Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel. He also roped in acting talents like Priya Anand, Siddique and Aju Varghese. With Gopi Sundar composing the score with Rahul Raj and Akhil George’s cinematography, it has a thriller feel. 

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