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Kobbari Matta Review

U/A Comedy 1 hrs 50 mins Aug 10, 2019





Kobbari Matta Review & Rating

Kobbari Matta Review: If You Know What You Get, You'll Enjoy It

What's this?

(Imagine this in Ali's voice) - Hey, you! You watched Peda Rayudu? Oh shit! You watched Kobbari Matta too.

Delivers on promise 100%

But of course, Kobbari matta delivers what it promises and you won't be disappointed if your expectations are as such. But if you expect a new story, innovative and game-changing narration, look elsewhere. Welcome o the world of Shampoo Star... I mean... sorry - Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu. This much-improved version comes doubly strong but four years too late. 

As the movie is as much about Sampoornesh as the so-called Burning Star as it is a satire on our oldish films. But it has taken an even older subject the likes of Pedarayudu. Every scene of it is a spoof of some cinema of yore and Sampoornesh is front, left, right, and center in the proceedings. What happened to back? You may ask. Well... I'll leave it to your imagination. 

What works in the favor of Kobbari Matta is strong writing by Steven Shankar who directed Sampoo's debut film, Hrudaya Kaleyam. The dialogues are outright hilarious and the two lengthy monologues are meme-worthy entertaining and Sampoornesh improved leaps and bounds from the awkward new actor in his first film. 

One setpiece follows another and they keep the audience entertained if they get the reference to the oldish films. The music is surprisingly peppy and Sampoo's dances are as hilarious as they are good. All the nine emotions are made fun of and most of it works courtesy the writing and the effortless one-man show of the lead actor who played a triple role of Papa Rayudu - the grandfather, Pedarayudu - the protagonist for the most part, and Androidu - the younger protagonist who rebels against Pedarayudu. 

Other actors who register with the audience courtesy their recognition are Kathi Mahesh (there are a few terrific satires on him) and Shakeela. Some of the actors from Hrudaya Kaleyam are in this film too and they did well as required. Not in conventional terms though. Over action and over the top performance are the buzz words in this film - remember! The production design and production values are better than the previous film.

Decision making made easy

Watch the trailer. You'll understand what you'll get with this film. And if you LOLed at least once watching the trailer, go and watch the movie. you'll have a paisa vasool output of entertainment (second half has draggy moments though). Or if you cringe watching the trailer, better skip the film and spare yourself of the torture of the film and the makers of the bad word of mouth you'll obviously give it. 

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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  • Mani

    10 Aug 19 @ 12:58 PM

    excellent movie

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