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Kishore Kumar Junior Review

U Drama 2 hrs 25 mins Oct 12, 2018





Kishore Kumar Junior Review & Rating

Kishore Kumar Junior directed by Kaushik Ganguly justifies all its claims of portraying the shades and struggles of Konthi singers who never turned a star even after achieving stardom. The film revolves around a Konthi singer (Prosenjit) whose profession is singing his "God" Kishore Kumar's songs in the Macha sows of rural Bengal. The rural audience considers him a star, on the other hand, he lives a middle-class life who goes out to the market and sings sitting at a tea stall. All his stardom is only limited to the Macha audience, for whom he is the shadow of Kishore Kumar. Being a Kanthi, he has issues, insecurities and would often shred his frustration on his wife (Aparajita Adhya) and son (Rwitobroto Mukherjee). 

Rating 3.25 from  anandabazar

The film nicely captures the struggles of Konthi singers who have never touched the stardom even ...

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Ganguly then took his story in Rajasthan. Junior is invited to Rajasthan where he is deceived and gets abducted with his wife and hands. The incident helped the movie to explore the character of the protagonist as he takes yet another journey. We see an artist who can entertain the muggers with the same grace and attitude. The equation between Junior and his wife is beautifully explored throughout and Aparajita's dialogue, "One needs to have the courage for being an artist's wife" has come across so aptly. 

Rating 3.75 from  cinestaan

Junior's movements, dreams and consciousness on the whole revolving around his idol only prov...

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In acting, Prosenjit Chatterjee has excelled one more time. He has embodied the body language of a proud yet frustrated Konthi singer efficiently. He shined as a performer and portrayed all his complexities with perfection. Aparajita Adhya too looked perfectly credible in her role. The movie has its drawbacks. You might feel it too predictable and dramatic in some places. Yet, the film stood out with all its imperfections. 

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Kishore Kumar Junior Preview

What is Kishore Kumar Junior all about?

Kishore Kumar Junior directed by award-winning filmmaker Kaushik Ganguly is about a Konthi singer who has modeled his singing career on Kishore Kumar. All his life, he has followed, rather, imitated the singing style of the legendary singer to earn his bread and butter. Although he is popular among the crowd, his real name remains unknown to the audience. 

What to expect from Kishore Kumar Junior?

Unusual humane story

Kaushik Ganguly is known for narrating unusual stories that touch the hearts deeply. The concept itself looks conspicuous. No wonder, the audience will expect another outstanding story and a masterpiece from Ganguly. 

Stellar casting

After Drishtikone, this is Kaushik's second film with Prosenjit Chatterjee. According to many, this will see one of the finest performances by the superstar. As the Konthi-singer, he looks perfect in the trailer. The film will definitely explore him in more ways. The supporting cast includes ace actors like Aparajita Adhya, Lama, Ritabrata and others.


This film's music is its USP. Balancing with its theme, the music album contains several classic songs by Kishore Kumar recreated by Kumar Sanu. The music-lovers are already loving the songs. 


Kaushik Ganguly as a filmmaker has bagged multiple awards and gained great reviews for most of his movies. No wonder that his direction is a reason to watch the film. There will always be a huge expectation from him.


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