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Kishore Kumar Junior Full Movie

U Drama 2 hrs 25 mins Oct 12, 2018
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Kishore Kumar Junior Story

Director: Kaushik Ganguly

Cast: Prosenjit Chatterjee as Kishore Kumar Junior/Rajat Ghosh, Aparajita Auddy as Rita, the wife of the protagonist, Rwitobroto Mukherjee as Rishi, the son of the protagonist

Kaushik Ganguly's Kishore Kumar Ganguly is a story on a Kishore-Konthi singer. Rajat Ghosh is a professional singer who has modeled his career singing Kishore Kumar's songs closely following or imitating the style of the legendary singer. He is a middle-class man who would run the errand like any other Bengali person. But, at night, when he sings on the stage he is treated like a star. The audience would cheer for the Kishore Kumar Junior but alas his real name remains unknown to his fans. He would receive love when he does the show but while returning he and his team would do their dinner in a cheap roadside dhaba. 

This is Rajat's life, full of contrast and conflicts. His son loves him dearly but they would have clashes due to his profession. While his life goes in a straight line, it witnessed a huge twist when he receives an invitation from Rajasthan for a show. On the way to the venue, he along with his wife and teammates get abducted by Pakistani terrorists. Will they be able to free themselves?  

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