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Kirrak Party Review

Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 32 mins Mar 16, 2018





Kirrak Party Review & Rating


Nikhil Siddharth who is the only guy from the Happy Days gang to get continuous movies and delivering hit movies. He wanted the revisit the same genre, but in a gritty way, and acted in the Telugu remake of the Kannada cult classic Kirik Paty. Kirrak Party is the same genre of Happy Days, a campus coming of age movie, depending on the nostalgia factor. It reminds us of our college days, love life and strong bonds of friendship. Nikhil aggressively promoted this movie and for right reasons. Let’s see how all this pan out and whether Nikhil scored another success in Kirrak Party review.

The story of Kirrak Party revolves around Krishna, played by Nikhil Siddhartha, and his life during engineering education. Krishna is a happy go lucky guy who has the knack for making friends. He and his gang of friends are fun makers. One fine day, Krishna happens to see Meera and falls in love with her obviously. But as his gang of friends also wanted to woo Meera, things get a bit complicated. But with his antics and heroic behaviour, Krishna makes Meera fall in love with him.

They don’t express their feelings directly, but their love is displayed in many ways. Finally, the day comes when they are about to tell each other of their feelings. An unfortunate event occurs and the lovers get separated. What happened to Meera, why and how they get separated, what happened to Krishna after the incident, and who is Satya? Answers to all these questions form the rest of the story.

Rating 3 from  thehansindia

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Nikhil nailed the character of Krishna. He displayed a wide range of histrionics in different shades of his character. He was as good when he was a fun loving first year student as the cynical senior student. The way he transforms from a simple guy to a strong student leader is quite effective. Nikhil is very good especially in the last fifteen minutes of the film where emotions run high. His performance is enough to watch the movie, but it has other highlights too. Simran Pareenja who played the character of Meera is simply excellent. Her looks and subtle performance matches the best of Nikhil.

Samyukta Hegde who reprised her role from the original, Kirik Party, is bubbly. But her performance goes overboard sometimes. But she did her best to make the character believable. Rakendumouli who played one of the friends of Krishna is very good. Other guys who acted as friends did quite well. Brahmaji’s performance in the role of a Mechanic is decent. Deepthi Sunaina, the internet girl, is okay as a friend of Satya. Hanumanthu Gowda who played the Principal of the college is excellent. Rest of the other artists are apt.

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The story of the movie is as thin as it gets, but the treatment is what keeps the movie intriguing. Sharan Koppisetty did a decent job as the director. He was backed by two excellent directors, Sudheer Varma, and Chandoo Mondeti who wrote the screenplay and dialogues. The screenplay is good with Telugu nativisation, and dialogues are nice. But somewhere in translation, the basic essence of the original is lost. The fun dose is increased, and emotions are neglected. The scene where Krishna loses his love could have been handled better.

The cinematography by Advaitha Gurumurthy is good. It captured the lively atmosphere of college very well. B. Ajaneesh Loknath, who scored the music for the original, used same tunes for the most part. Music is excellent, and the themes for various characters are differentiated well enough. Songs are done well.

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Editing could have been sharp. Nikhil said during the promotions that they have chopped off some lengthy scenes and reduced the length of the movie to make it crisp. But, that doesn’t show well. At some places, the movie feels dragged. Production values are top notch. Locations are authentic, and the atmosphere rich.

Overall, Kirrak party is a great start to the summer movies, and it is a must watch for film lovers and those who want to experience nostalgia. Top-notch performances and good narration keep you glued to the screen. That said, it’s not as memorable as Happy Days, or even Malayalam version of Premam.

Kirrak Party Critic Reviews

Kirrak Party User Reviews

  • Jayakrishna

    19 Mar 18 @ 10:15 AM

    Looks like Watching the Kannada's Own Kirrik Party with Telugu subtitles..... Nothing has changed.... Whole Film which includes the Dialogues has been adopted.... But the Essence of Kannada's Kirrik Party missed in Telugu Kirraak party

  • Rajeev

    16 Mar 18 @ 5:36 PM

    It is An average regular flick. Can watch one time. 

  • J

    16 Mar 18 @ 2:13 PM

    time waste movie

    Nikhil performance not good

    other heroes should have done this movie

Kirrak Party Live Updates & Public Talk

The first of the notable summer releases and a campus come of age movie Kirrak Party hit the theatres today. This Sharan Koppisetty movie is the first campus film for Nikhil in a long time. The morning shows are underway the movie is getting positive talk with praise for the lead actors.

But not all is super positive, there are kinks in the story says few of the early audience. But Nikhil's performance is getting good words. 



Kirrak Party Preview

What is Kirrak Party about?

Kannada cult classic Kirik Party is remade into Telugu with Sharan Koppisetty in his directorial debut. Successful young hero Nikhil Siddharth is playing the protagonist in this come of age comedy. Samyuktha Hegde is making her Telugu debut reprising her role from the original, and Simran Pareenja in the lead role. 

Kirik Party is the story of a gang of mischievous students, led by the protagonist Krishna (Nikhil Siddharth) who have just joined an engineering college. They belong to different streams of engineering but develop a bond while staying together in the hostel.  Krishna, played by Nikhil Siddharth, is from a small town has joined this engineering college and gangs up with his hostel mates to fuel a lot of mischief in the college. All the adventures of these guys forms the crux of the story. 

What to expect from Kirrak Party?

Beautiful college story

Kirrak Party has a strong base in the form of the Kannada original. It is a beautiful story of college life and mischief. Interlaced with strong emotions and hilarious comedy, Kirrak Party is a thrilling watch that dabbles with love, friendship, heartache and self-discovery in the life of Krishna in college. These are made memorable by two women Meera and Satya played by Simran and Samyuktha Hegde. All in all, Kirrak Party can be watched to relive our college days.

Nikhil's selection of subjects

Nikhil is one of the few young heroes in Telugu Cinema to have a considerable number of successful movies in his kitty. Moreover, he is known for the selection of different subjects. Nikhil known for his natural style of acting brings a lot of believability into the characters he portrays. His energetic acting in a subject he has a lot of experience, as a college student, can make for an interesting watching. Nikhil has a lot to play for. Based on the original,  the movie traces the life of the character played by Nikhil through his years in the college. From being the adorable, cheeky first-year student to becoming a name that brings fear in all, the film sees varied hues of this student's character. 

Two directors involved in the writing process

Young Telugu directors Chandoo Mondeti and Sudheer Varma are roped in to lend nativity to the subject. While Chandoo is writing the dialogues, Sudheer Varma is giving screenplay. Nikhil already said that the Telugu remake is made crisp by shortening the length of the film. Both these Telugu directors add authenticity to the narration of the film. Kannada original was commented upon the length of the film. Care is taken for Telugu version to make it fast moving.