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Kirrak Party Full Movie

Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 32 mins Mar 16, 2018
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Kirrak Party Story

Director: Sharan Koppishetty

Cast: Nikhil Siddhartha as Krishna, Simran Pareenja as Meera Joseph, Samyuktha Hegde as Satya, Rakendu Mouli as Arjun, Pramodini Pammi as Meera's mother, Sayaji Shinde as Krishna's father, and Hanumanthe Gowda as Dr. Srinivasa Murthy (Principal).

Kirrak Party is a simple tale of emotions, love, and friendship. It follows the life of a youngster named Krishna and his life during his engineering. Krishna is a fun loving guy and makes friends quickly. During his first year in the college, he becomes friends with a beautiful girl named Meera, the daughter of a police officer. Meera is a final year student and has been writing a book on the life of a sex worker whom she knows. 

One day, she comes to know that the sex worker is pregnant and goes to her place with Krishna. There she helps the woman during the labor and she delivers a baby girl. The woman names the girl Meera in the honor of her young friend. This moves Krishna. Meera too tells Krishna that she likes him as he is a simple, emotional and fun loving guy. 

Their friendship grows post-this visit. On the final day of the college for the fourth years, Meera attends the celebrations. After a time, the boys leave the party. Meera's friends decide to drink. They force her to take a sip of vodka. After that, they start to dance. In an unfortunate moment, Meera falls down from their room on the stairs and dies instantly. People start to talk bad about Meera and even her father thinks that she had committed a sin and is a drinker. This angers Krishna and he retaliates against the seniors. What happens after that and how Krishna comes to terms with the loss of his genuine friend form the rest of the story. 

Kirrak Party received mixed to positive response from the critics. The movie fared averagely at the box office. The performances of the lead actors and some heart touching moments in the movie received praise from the audience. 

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