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Kinavalli Review

U Fantasy, Horror Jul 27, 2018





Kinavalli Review & Rating

Director Sugeeth, who has earlier helmed the movies Ordinary and Shikkari Shambhu, is foraying into a whole new genre with Kinavalli which is touted to be a fantasy horror film. Unlike his previous films which starred popular actors, Kinavalli has a bunch of debutants in the lead roles. However, the expectations are quite high among the cinephiles as expectations are indeed high as there is no dispute over Sugeeth's capability of coming up with an entertaining film. As the film has finally hit theatres today, catch the review here.

Vivek and Ann elopes and gets married. On their fourth anniversary, Ann decides to invite Vivek's childhood friends Ajith, Swathy, Sudheesh and Gopan over to their estranged bungalow which supposedly haunted. The get-together is supposed to be a truce as Vivek hasn't been in touch with these friends since his marriage. The friends gladly accept Ann's invitation and the incidents that ensue after they drop down at the bungalow form the rest of this fantasy horror thriller which funny and scary in parts.

Sugeeth's trick of roping in new faces to play the lead roles work out effectively. The cast which comprises Ajmal Zayn who appear as Vivek and Soumya who plays the part of Ann has done a great job while Krrish and Surabhi back them up with convincing performances. But it is Vijay Antony and Sujith Raj who steals the show with their perfect comic timing and lovable mannerisms while Hareesh Kanaran, one of the familiar faces in the cast, does his job perfectly well tickling the funny bones of the viewers everytime he appears on the screen.

Although Kinavalli can be rightly tagged as a spooky horror-fantasy, it is as funny and hilarious as any horror thriller could ever become. Vivek Menon's frames beautifully capture the mood of the scenes while the songs in the film also get along well with the narrative. In short, Sugeeth gracefully delivers an entertaining watch to the family audience.

Final Review: Kinavalli is an entertaining watch filled with scares and comedy.

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  • Satya

    27 Jul 18 @ 5:28 PM

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