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U/A Crime, Thriller 1 hrs 55 mins Jun 2, 2017
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Khoj Story

Director: Arka Ganguly

Cast: Vikram Chatterjee as Sayan Bose, Shataf Figar as Dr. Prashant Choudhury, Sushmita Dey as Jonaki Choudhury, Lalit Malla as Jivan

Khoj directed by Arka Ganguly is a crime thriller involving three prime characters, a police officer, a doctor and his missing wife. Set in the backdrop of the mysterious landscape of North India, the film starts when Sayan Bose (Vikram Chatterjee), a police officer assigned to find the source of strange screams coming from a doctor’s house. He starts searching for the source of the strange sound.

However, Prashant, the doctor of local hospital tried to discourage him saying it is nothing but of his wife screaming due to injection pain. While interrogating others, he came across a mystery which intrigues him to find more about Dr. Prashant Choudhury (Sataf Figar). He came to know that the neighbors living around doctor has never seen doctor’s wife Jonaki Choudhury. On further investigation, he found out the only person, who has met Jonaki (Sushmita Dey) only once with Prashant.

As the mystery intensifies, Sayan grew suspicious about doctor and his actions. He started looking for the doctor's missing wife against the doctor’s will. Initially, he becomes suspicious of the woman's existence and started investigating the matter without knowing what surprises are awaiting for him. The mystery thickens with each finding and the story took an unpredictable twist.

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