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Romance Dec 7, 2018





Kedarnath Review & Rating


Kedarnath Review: A Dull Love Story Marred The Debut of Sara Ali Khan

The premise

Kedarnath is all about Sara Ali Khan and if we look at it like that, we can safely say that the Abhishek Kapoor directorial passed in first class. The movie which has the 2013 Kedarnath floods as the climax gives Sara a solid character and Sushant Singh Rajput plays her love. Abhishek Kapoor who made himself a name with Kai Po Che helms this disaster film. The disaster is the tragic floods which caused a lot of grief to Uttarakhand. 

Sara Ali Khan has been in the news for a long time and her debut as a lead actress is long awaited. She had a strong fan following even before the announcement of the announcement of her first film. She has everything it takes to be a quintessential modern day Bollywood heroine. She is confident, carries herself well in the public and has a great sense of humor. Let's see how all this worked for her advantage in her debut with Kedarnath Review.

The story

Mandakini is a live wire. She is confident, naughty and doesn't hesitate to use expletives. And then she is beautiful. In one sentence, she has all the attributes Sara Ali Khan has. She falls in love with Mansoor, a porter who carries people up and down the mountain carrying them on his back. While Sara is expressive as the role demands, Sushant Singh Rajput took every care not to dominate her right down even to his screen presence. 

Mandakini has a nickname, Mukku, and her romance with Mansoor Khan (a tribute to her paternal grandfather, the late Indian cricket team captain and former Nawab of Pataudi) flows like the river she is named after. Mukku doesn't hesitate to kiss Mansoor. She is the daughter of one of the Pandits of the eponymous Kedarnath temple. Nothing stops her love for Mansoor not even the difference in their religious faiths. 

When her father comes to know about their love, things go haywire not even for their love but also for the narration of the film. Mukku decides to do Jap (chanting) for their love. It is shown in the movie that her wrath invoked mother nature to flood the quaint town of Kedarnath. How and if the lovers unite form the rest of this predictable love story. 

Sara Ali Khan steals the show

The movie is a star vehicle for Sara Ali Khan and rightfully she gets the majority of the screen time. She did carry the film on her slender shoulders is an understatement. But unfortunately either by the design of the character or she thought it would make her stand out, she went overboard in many scenes. Her no qualms talking is an asset and the director has given her some feisty dialogues and she delivered them with aplomb. She is gorgeous as we all have known and there is a charming effect in her desi girl look in the movie. 

Sushant Singh Rajput is subdued for the most part but his character arc take a bit of change once the mandatory kissing scene is done and in the scene where their love is questioned and in the climactic scenes, he shined well. Funniest thing, not the intended comedy in the film, is the hero has no problem underwater. He breathes just like when he is on the land. Nitish Bhardwaj, the Mahabharat Krishna, is charismatic in the role of Mandakini's father. But his role is undercooked. Pooja Gor who played Mandakini's elder sister makes her presence felt.

Abhishek Kapoor fails as the director

Abhishek Kapoor failed to conjure up a story worthy of Sara Ali Khan's expected stardom. The love thread which forms three-fourths of the film has nothing to write about. The cinematography. especially the ariel shots of Kedarnath and the Himalayan landscapes make up for the non-progression of the story. The narration is dull and the screenplay is mediocre. The director might have thought that adding the Kedarnath floods as the climax of the love story makes the film an epic. He has certainly misunderstood the story dynamics. Just like Shashank Khaitan did with Dhadak. 

Kanika Dhillon disappoints

A lot was expected from Kanika Dhillon who had written a gorgeous modern day romantic drama like Manmarziyaan. Except for the idea of using Kedarnath flood, there is nothing special to it. The dialogues are good though. They have been written Sara Ali Khan's personality in mind. The music by Amit Trivedi is mediocre except for the song Namo Namo. The background score is just okayish. Amit Trivedi failed to lift the love story with his music. Another failed romantic saga like Laila Majnu has at least got better songs. 

The crew

The editing could have been better. A good thirty minutes of the movie should have been trimmed as the epic scale of the film is not interesting anyway. The production design is top-notch. The visuals are rich in color and splendor. The locations are excellent. The art department did a fantastic job. The visual effects are first rate but unfortunately, most of the climax look so dull because of the low lighting. 


All in All, like the earlier Dhadak, where Sara's good friend Janhvi Kapoor was introduced to the big screen, Kedarnath lacks spark. There are a few good moments here and there just because of the performances but the story and direction disappoint big time. A one time watch for those who want to see Sara on the big screen else better skip the movie. 


  • Sara Ali Khan
  • Sushant Singh Rajput's understated performance
  • Visual effects
  • Cinematography


  • Age-old story
  • Mediocre narration
  • Not so up to the mark direction
  • Music

Pycker Rating: 2.25 out of 5

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Kedarnath Live Updates & Public Talk

The much anticipated big screen debut of Sara Ali Khan, the daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh happened with the disaster film, Kedarnath with a passionate love story at the foreground. Sushant Singh Rajput teams up with her and Abhishek Kapoor has taken the task of introducing Sara to the wider public. The movie opened to mixed reviews with most of the Bollywood celebs praising the performances, especially the scintillating debut of Sara Ali Khan. 

Kedarnath cinematography, the landscape of the pilgrimage, and the visual effects are positively commented upon. The movie has a beautiful love story of love, survival, and spirituality. As for the performances, Sara Ali Khan is a natural and Sushant Singh Rajput gave her an excellent support. Sara's a true star in the making as per the early watchers. 

With an impressive debut work and brilliant screen presence, Sara Ali Khan steals the show in this movie. Breathtaking shots of Uttarakhand will leave the audience dreaming of the scenic mountains. Use of CGI to depict the Kedarnath tragedy is cleverly executed. The climax will leave the audience on the edge of the seat! Some others are of the opinion that the movie could have been better. Though Sara Ali Khan can act well, Kedarnath doesn't have the gravity to make her shine. 

Stay tuned for more Kedarnath public talk, and live updates.  

Kedarnath Preview

What is Kedarnath About?

A Love story! A boy meets a girl and they fall in love over time. Their parents oppose as they belong to different faiths. The boy is a Musalman. The girl is a Hindu from an orthodox family. But what makes difference to this film is the epic scale of its story. The film is set in the backdrop of Kedarnath, the sacred Indian pilgrimage, the abode of Lord Shiva. The 2013 tragic floods prominently feature in the film's climax. 

Sara Ali Khan makes her highly anticipated debut with this Abhishek Kapoor directorial where she pairs up with Sushant Singh Rajput. The movie is touted to be a passionate love story where the wrath of the lovers when they are separated by the elders causes the floods.

Kedarnath Promises

Intense love story set in Kedarnath

At the heart of Kedarnath is a passionate love story of a rich Hindu girl and a modest Muslim boy. This love story is spun around the Uttarakhand floods, a tragedy we have still not forgotten. The movie has all the makings of an epic love story that we will talk in the coming times for long. The eponymous Kedarnath features prominently in the movie and the Uttarakhand Himalayan scenery makes for a gorgeous backdrop. 

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan's debut was hotly anticipated for long and finally, we get a chance to watch her on the big screen. Like another heiress we have seen in 2018 making her debut, Sara also makes her maiden appearance in a love story. The gorgeous daughter of Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Mukku, a wealthy Hindu girl who goes on a pilgrimage to Kedarnath. There she meets Mansoor (played by Sushant Singh Rajput) and the inevitable happens. From what little we have seen in the trailer, Sara as the free-spirited Mukku went into the skin of the character. She is here to stay.

Abhishek Kapoor and his team

Abhishek Kapoor who directed Kai Po Che is known for his clarity of vision. He keeps the narration flowing and makes justice to the subject matter. The team he assembled includes the highly rated music director Amit Trivedi who composed the songs in this love story.

The background score is given by Hitesh Sonik which sounded extremely well in the trailer. Tushar Kanti Ray's cinematography is both atmospheric and has a shade of classical framing. As we have seen in the flood effects, the thrill factor is going to be another highlight of the movie apart from the love story. 

Stay tuned for Kedarnath review, rating, and analysis. Be right back!