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Ke Tumi Nandini

U Romance 2 hrs 18 mins Apr 26, 2019
Ke Tumi Nandini

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Ke Tumi Nandini Poster

Ke Tumi Nandini is a Bengali film featuring Bonny Sengupta in the lead role. Bankrolled by SVF, the film is directed by Pathikrit Basu. Television actress Rupha Mukherjee has made her big screen debut with this film. 

The film revolves around a young, mischievous girl Nandini. Nandini is a tomboy, who doesn't abide by any rules. The free-spirited girl fell for Bonny Sengupta, who plays an NGO worker who is older than her. Despite the age gap, Nandini is in love with him, however, her feelings don't get reciprocated by her love.


Ke Tumi Nandini Cast & Crew

  • Bonny Sengupta


  • Rupsha Mukherjee


  • Sourav Das


  • Saayoni Ghosh


  • Amlaan

    Music Director

  • Pathikrit Basu


  • SVF

    Production House