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U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 29 mins Mar 24, 2017
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Katamarayudu Story

Director: Kishore Kumar Pardasani aka Dolly. 

Cast: Pawan Kalyan as Kattula Katamarayudu, Shruti Haasan as Avantika, Pradeep rawat as Businessman Radia, Ali as Lawyer Bail Lingam, Siva Balaji, Ajay, Kamal Kamaraju, an Chaitanya Krishna (all four as Katamarayudu brothers), Rao ramesh as Narsappa, and Nassar as Bhupathi (Avantika's father).

Set in a village called Oddaanchatra in Rayalaseema, the film revolves around Katamarayudu, a conscientious and influential person in his village. When a businessman comes to him for help to smuggle sandalwood, Katamarayudu takes him and his goons to the cleaners. Clearly miffed, the businessman colludes and schemes with Narsappa, a villager who wants to settle an old score with Katamarayudu. 

Despite all his good characteristics, the only thing that Katamarayudu lacks is a wife. His four younger brothers and Lawyer Bail Lingam try to set him up with Avanti. The reason being, despite their proclamations that they don't have any love affairs, they fall in love with girls from their village. They plan various attempts at getting Avanti to like Katamarayudu without his knowledge, and finally, she falls for the ultra do-gooder version of him that his brothers had sold to her. If their plan works, their own affairs would reach the logical conclusion of marriage. 

After initially being repulsive about Avanti’s interest in him, Katama finally takes her seriously and tries to serenade her while constantly fighting back against other goons. His fights with them cause Avanti to lose interest in him. Katamarayudu and his brothers follow Avantika to her village and make a good impression on her father Bhupathi, a peace-loving village head. A certain Yelasari Bhanu has a grudge over Bhupathi and plans to kill him and his family. How Katamarayudu gets Avantika back and how he solves the tussle with Bhanu forms the rest of the story. 

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