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U/A Fantasy, Horror 2 hrs 44 mins Oct 28, 2016
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Kaashmora Story

Director: Gokul

Cast: Karthi as Kaashmora and Raja Nayak, Nayantara as Rathna Mahadevi, Sri Divya as Yamini, Vivek as Kaashmora's father, Smrithi as Rathna Mahadevi's reincarnation.

Yamini, a PhD scholar joins Kaashmora, a con man who cheats people in the name of black magic. Yamini tries to find out the true colour of Kaashmora by collecting evidence and expose him to the public. Kaashmora's fame gets him the friendship of a Politician and Kashmora sets to help the politician during a raid. He shifts the fraudulent politician's money to his home and plans to escape with the money and settle abroad. Meanwhile, a Telugu man seeks the help of Kashmora and brings him to a haunted bungalow at Andhra Pradesh. 

The politician realises Kaashmora a fraud and sends people to kill him and the family. But the henchmen sent by the politicians beaten up by the haunted ghosts in the bungalow revealing that Kaashmora and his family are trapped by the spirits. There, Yamini reveals that the Telugu man who brought them to the bungalow is a ghost. Yamini finds a 700-year-Old book that consists of the history of the bungalow and the story of Rathna Mahadevi. Yamini and Kaashmora learn that Rathna Mahadevi was killed and it is her curse that surrounds the castle which led him and the family in it. 

It is revealed that Kaashmora and his family has been trapped for the sacrifice ritual that can give eternal powers to the cursed ghosts. The climax is led with Kaashmora trying to save him and his family from the bungalow. The movie was an average hit and collected 92 crores at the Box Office.

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