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Karwaan Review

U/A Comedy 2 hrs 0 mins Aug 3, 2018





Karwaan Review & Rating

Karwaan Review: A journey of self-discovery

Summary of the story

Avinash is in his late 20s living in Bengaluru blames his father for his life. Avinash is stuck in a dead-end job and holds his father responsible for crushing his dreams. His is left devasted hearing the news of the demise of his father. He then embarks on a journey with his longtime friend Shaukat who is a mechanic. The duo is then accompanied by a teenager Tanya. The road journey then makes them realize the life lessons and emotions. 

Journey to the life

All the three characters of the life are walking on the different paths of their lives, completely opposite to the way they intended to. They all are lost souls bound together by two dead bodies and a journey. It is said that you can find yourself only when you are completely lost. This holds true for Karwaan! The trio embarking on a journey which takes multiple detours rather than the actual path ultimately realizing the true meaning of life and oneself. 

Performances by the leads

We have always heard the tales of excellence of Dulquer Salmaan a.k.a DQ, the Malayalam heartthrob and he continues to spell his magic cast in his Bollywood debut. The audience will surely be left amazed by his screen presence, effortlessly brilliant acting. DQ has totally owned the screen in his own amazing way and the part where he opens up about his father is a scene where you will see the true excellence and strength of his ace acting. Also, DQ has slain the Hindi language with the same emotions as Malayalam. Irrfan Khan is no less in making his presence worthy on the screen. The punch lines from Irrfan will leave you laughing throughout the movie. Irrfan, being the way he his is one of the positive points to watch this movie. Mithila Palkar also has done justice to her role as a confused and complex teenager. The cameo appearance of Kriti Kharbanda for a speech is also justifiable and likeable. Hats off to the apt casting. 

Scenic locations and other positivities

Another positive thing in Karwaan is the locations used in the film. Karwaan is beautifully shot in some exotic locations of South India. The background score of the movie blends perfectly with the story of the film. The cinematography is done very beautifully by Avinash Arun that it will leave you with a feeling to go on a road trip immediately. This 1 hour 54 mins movie is filled with all the emotions to make you laugh and cry at the same time. Dialogues of the movie are beyond good and all credits to Hussain Dalal.

Thumbs up to the director

It is very less convincing to believe that Karwaan is the directional debut of Akarsh Khurana. It takes guts to turn death into humour without offending the community, and Akarsh Khurana has done it brilliantly. The way the director has sewed the story on a beautiful journey of self-realization is as realistic as it seems. The story and characters in the film are very relatable. 


Karwaan is one of few light-hearted and feel-good movies of Bollywood. Karwaan, however, tries to be a dark comedy but is a family entertainer. If you appreciate a good cinema, then Karwaan is a much watch for its realistic acting, simplicity, and mood lifting vibes. Do give it a watch for Irrfan Khan's humour and Dulquer Salmaan's incredible Hindi debut.

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Karwaan the most awaited movie of this year is a slice of life comedy-drama film. While it is a directional debut of Akarsh Khurana starring ace actor Irrfan Khan, acclaimed south Indian actor Dulquer Salmaan, famous internet personality Mithila Palkar. Recently the premieres of the movie were held and it successfully grabbed attention to the story and the performance of the cast. Praises are being flooded from all over for this feel-good family entertainer. Read what critics have to say about this 'self-discovery' movie Karwaan. 


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